Friday, June 1, 2007


OK, I have to go hitchhike a ride to Birmingham. But before I do, I just HAD to find a computer (thankfully Lincoln's public libraries are easy to find) and tell you:


We were at the Chancery in Lincoln, TEN STRONG (YESS!!!!!!!!!!!), waiting, while some guy (I think they said his name was Kre Cheek) from CTA went into the building. In the meantime, Che came out of the Chancery, flanked by a bunch of priests .... wearing black DRESSES with Roman Collars! I am NOT MAKING THIS UP. I called his name, and he acted as if he was totally confused and disoriented. Are they drugging him????? (Or, is it that he's not getting his normal Sudafed and green tea?) I asked a local who the priests in dresses were, and they thought they were part of a cult near here ... The Fraternity of Peter, located in a nearby town (Dent On). The men in blue uniforms wouldn't allow me to leave the sidewalk to get to him. I tried to call Fr. Tim, but the woman's whose phone I borrowed wouldn't dial outside of Nebraska. No one else seemed to have a phone, and I forgot my phone cards at home. I don't know if I should stick around, or move on to Birmingham. But since I have no easy of regularly communicating, I think I"m going to go ahead and get the ride to EWTN. Besides, the tracts are getting heavy to drag around... I'm ready to be done with them. Not sure when I'll be back.


Anonymous said...

There's a catholic worker house in B'ham to stay the night sis.

Joan said...

Cross-dressing priests?!?! No way!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Che will be fine. It's Fr. Juno that I want to hear about? How about the prison he is in?


Miguel Cuthbert said...

From the facts I have managed to gather it appears that though briefly held by Orthodox Catholics, Che' has fallen into the hands of a rather bad element. I am speculating that the Scientologists have him at the moment and are attempting to use him as a bargaining chip. They must suspect that SOV2 is holding several of their members. As one of the readers mentioned Keith at one time had an interest in Scientology. He may have been, in fact, a "plant."

As for Father Juno, we know that he was rescued, and if he was not also captured by the Scientologists we can hope that he is in a safe place, perhaps Steubenville or Lincoln.

RadTradChad said...

I should have known the FSSP was conspiring with the modernists! No matter, soon enough we will have demolished your ugly church and end your invalid, illicit "mass" and replace it with a beautiful chapel which celebrates a valid, illicit Mass. It shall be the only valid Mass in the Knoxville area as only we use pro multis in the Consecration.

Deus Vult!
~ Fr. Chadwick LeJavier, SSLI