Thursday, June 21, 2007

What a Pope should be about!

Hey, we finally had our EcoChurch/ChurchoftheWorld meeting and it was really great. Having the TEAM back was great. We talked about all the hollywood stuff that's been happening and then we had a craft where we all made our own Berets. We're going to design badges for our berets that represent what it means to be church to each other next time so make sure you swing by. I'm thinking my bade is going to be either a rainbow or a fist, or maybe a rainbow fist. I'm not sure but something like that.

Anyway, our discussion was about what a Pope should be about. I mean, a lot of people think you don;t need to have a pope but what they don't realize is that there's nothing wrong with that as long as the pope can be anyone or anybody. So here are my criteria.

1. The pope should be a democrat or a green party candidate. I'm thinking maybe Kennedy or Bill Bradley but Ralph Nader might be good too. I've had enough of these republican popes there so judgemental. And republicans are stupid.

2. The pope should be all about listening to people. He shouldn't be telling people what to do all the time that's just stupid. Did Jesus tell people what to do? I don't think so.

3. The pope should be humble. He should like move out of vatican castle and live in an apartment someplace.

4. The pope should stop lecturing people all the time. What makes him so special that he thinks his version the bible is right?

5. I think the pope should probably be a unitarian or something if possible. Or a scientologist.

6. The pope should be in a commited relationship. I'm not saying he has to be married, but he needs to know what its like to struggle like regular people. And he probably should be a woman at least half the time.

7. He should be pastoral. I'm not sure what that means actually but one of the Bouvet twins suggested that and I think their probably right.

8. The pope should dress more like a regular person. I'm thinking ditch the white robes and stuff and put on some jeans and a tee-shirt once in a while. I mean, things are way too up tight.

9. The pope should have abssolute power to tell people to stop fighting and stuff and to clean up the environment. If he says something about war or polution or immigration everybody should stop what their doing and do what he or she said but only if he says something like "STOP FIGHTING" or "STOP POLUTING" or "OPEN YOUR BORDERS" and "REDISTRIBUTE WEALTH NOW!" if he said something like "FIGHT" or "ITS OKAY TO DESTROY THE ENVIRONMENT" or something like that you don't have to listen to him

10. The pope should have a cool name that makes sense! No more of these Pius's or Johns or Pauls or Benedicts. I mean look at all those numbers. What there's been 200 pope john's or something and about eighteen paul's and a half a dozen benedicts? Can't we just get something original like Pope Earthchild or Pope Skyspirit.

Anyway that's my list.



Fr Juno said...

Che, I must say I am disappointed in some ways in your post today on the Pope. Does it not seem clear that you are making up a Pope who just agrees with the things you think? Do you not find it suspicious that the only ideas to which you give merit are ideas that are the same as yours? You are following many stars and seem not to have found your pole star. I tremble to think of the day when you discover that Julia Roberts is less than the Earth Mother you picture her to be. Perhaps you should read some of those books I gave you?

Che' Lovell said...

Hi Father Juno! How is everything! I don't know if you know Agent Smith but he wanted to talk to you about something but I didn't have your address.

Anyway, I think you are thinkin I am into astrology or something, but I'm really not. That is more Taheetee's thing. You know I am pretty discriminating when it comes to stuff. Like I only believe in stuff on CNN and the Discovery Channel and other things on TV and some books I read like the Da Vinci code and those books by John Cornwell and Anthony De Mello. And I also like to watch stuff like COLD CASE and 48 hours mystery and I pay a lot of attention to what celebrities say because they usually know what there talking about.

But I mostly rely on Father Tim. Basically I don't even worry about thinking too hard when he's around because he seems to explain everything really clearly except all that stuff you were telling me about which made me wonder about some of the things but then in all the confusion you kind of left and so I thought what the heck! go with what you know because who really knows everything anyway. Really everybody is probably wrong and there's no real way of knowing so what really counts is that we're all trying. That's why i don't get all tense about this liturgical stuff. Does it really matter?

But I am certain that some people are wronger than others, like all those people who want to build those old looking churches with all the stained glass and marble and big altars. You know the god-spirit is everywhere in a cardboard table and a big thing of marble just the same because you know spirit isn't anywhere at all. Its kind of in outer space or something.

So those people are just nuts I think. Go with the cheap stuff and use the money to buy cooler things like the skateboard park I want.

XXXXXX said...

Mr. Lovell,

Thank you for that box of pamphlets and brochures that you gave me today. It was much more interesting to read than the usual reports and documents that I read while at work. I had no idea that groups like PETA were so organized.
By the way, remind me to tell you about the time I met Castro (of course I was in disguise, so he didn't know it was me--my friend, Agent Black got some great photos, though).

Agent Smith,
Department of Homeland Security

ps. That "UFO" you saw the other night was nothing more than a weather balloon. The flashing lights were just meant to warn the airplanes not to fly too close.

Keith said...

Yo Che',

I don't usually come to this stupid blog because I've got cooler things to do. My real friends and I are in the midst of this D&D game that's been going on for the last six months. We've modified the rules so that it's a lot more realistic and now pretty much all deterministic. No more dice at all.

I wanted to tell you though that your head is screwed on the wrong way because this Pope hangup you've got is majorly morbid. Its time to wake up because its the 21st century - nobody listens to the Pope anymore. My ideal Pope is the first guy that comes along and says "Hey guys your on your own!" 'nuff said?


Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

Father Juno:

that's Blessed Emergent Julia Roberts to you. Founder, er, I mean foundress, of the Sisters of Fonda Immaculata.

May the Crystal of the Great Ha-Sheesh bring light to your soul.