Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Good news!

I saw Keith at Fort Sanders hospital and he looked good. I know a couple people asked me whatsup with Keith being back and all because wasn't he #1 supposed to go to Canada and then #2 arrested by the Karns police and then #3 sent to Guantanamo and then #4 abducted by aliens and then #5 reappeared falling from a black hellicopter, and then #6 suddenly shows up in the hospital? Well yah all that is true and everything but except for #3, #4, and #5 which wasn't true because as we can see somebody mistook a much thinner person for him and then he never really went to GITMO and then also that wasn't him falling out of the hellicopter as agent smith told me but just the moonlight passing through swamp gas or something.

Anyway, what happened was Keith thought there was a draft coming and so was trying to escape to Canada but then was arrested for something I don't understand. Anyway he posted bail and was hanging out in his mom's basement and e-mailing us and stuff. He's supposed to go back to court but because of this surgery thing its been held off.

Anyway Father Tim is heading back on retreat again at Maggie Valley and wanted me to let people know that either Maryann's going to be covering for him or Al-Fakkir but I'm not supposed to give a sermon "no matter what!" But I was thinking you know I'm CHURCH TOO and so I'm starting to write one up just in case. I think I'm going to do one on my "ideal Pope" which is going to be really great. A lot of people think I'm against having Popes and stuff but not at all. We just need the right kind of Pope. Anyway it looks like things are finally getting back to normal (finally!)



DeMaistre said...

You know who would be a great pope? Bill Clinton. I know he is Baptist or something, but I am sure he would convert if we offered to support his election.

Just think of all the people he could bring together. Just as he was the first "black" president, he could be the first "protestant" pope. Gone would be the Dark Age dogmas Rome uses to divide and conquer all those who refuse to goose step to her radtrad agenda.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering who would be a good pope according to Che. Maybe the Episcopal bishop Spong?