Friday, June 15, 2007

Campaign Poster

Hey! Ché helped design this really neat Campaign Poster for my Campaign to be the new Bishop of Knoxville. I'm also using this poster to unveil my new Campaign Slogan: "A Magisterium of One". Pretty neat, huh? I'll be making some Campaign Appearances over the next couple of weeks. Since most of the local "Parishes" are sort of off limits, I'll be speaking from the stage at Market Square. Maryann also has me booked to debate someone called Christopher Hitchins. Apparently he is really excited to debate me. I look forward to seeing you all at the various events. You can be my entourage!


DigiHairshirt said...

Hmmm . . . did you get this printed down at Yee-Haw Industries on Gay Street?

NAT! said...

Election?! CAMPAIGN?! Where have you people been?! Don't you know that the Vast Systemic Problem (TM) can't be solved by Election?! Heck, the very word reeks of Calvinism. No, comrades, we need the Dick Tater Ship* of he Pro-Lariate.** Look it up in Jose Comblin: it's all there, I assure you!


* Dick Tater has been making ships of various sizes for generations, out of natural balsa wood, which he grows in his backyard in Euclid, Ohio to avoid depleting the Rain Forest. He suggests these could be used to float an entire Base-Community beyond the reach of the US Navy, on the Canadian side of Lake Erie.

** Lariates serve many functions. Once used eclusively by capitalist imperialist Anglos to suppress the indiginous cattle population of the [North] American West, they can now serve as devices to lasso vegetables, while leaning from one's Dick Tater Ship to the shores of Ontario, thereby supporting, in an agrarian way, your peaceful Floating Base Community (Patent Pending).

Anonymous said...

Why stop at bishop? Go all the way to Pope!