Friday, November 14, 2008

Help with Questionair


I am filling out the questionair for the Obama Cabinet positions and I think I need a little help.

Okay. Here's what I have for question 1:

Resume's in the last ten years:

(B_____) "Che'" Lovell
(I crossed out my real first name because basically I don't want people to use it anymore)
1401 Old Weisgarber Rd
Knoxville, TN 37909
(That was from before I got my new address in jail)
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Took some classes and things mostly in liebral arts
  • B+ average in classes I liked
  • Dated a junior in Political Science
West Highschool
  • Graduated in the top half of my class
  • Nominated for top 5th year senior
  • Member of Environment Club
Political Experience
Knoxville Green Fist Action
Assistant to Neighborhood Coordinator, 1992-1993
Best Young Agitator Award, 1992
Community Organizer, 1993-1994

East Tennessee Rationalists
Junior Member
3rd place Most Interesting Essay, 1994

Knoxville J-C's
Halloween Booth Captain
We won the scariest halloween display contest for three years in a row. I was in charge of background scenery and I was given a limited budget of only 47$ and what I did was buy two cans of paint one read and one black and I painted all these wooden plywood boards all black and then I put red stripes on them, and I actually only spent $25 and so Keith and I spent $10 on lunch and we gave back $10 and they spent it on extra spaghetti for the fake lobotomy display.

(I have a lot more political experience now, but I haven't updated my resume)

Business Experience
Che's Beret's, CEO
This didn't work out so well, but I did sell a couple of berets to this girl I knew named Daphilia Jones and she said that she really liked them and that I should make more, but then she moved to California and I lost her address.

Fallafel Hut
Humous grinder
I wasn't fired.

Skills and Certifications

Writing poetry and stuff
Hanging out with my friend's at Toddy's

You know this resume was before I got my facebook page and stuff, so I should probably use that one instead.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hey! I'm in Therapy!

Hey Everybody!

Sorry I haven't been in touch for a while. Basically I've been in jail. Anyway, jail is a lot cooler than I thought because they have a lot of classes I can take and stuff. Like I am taking interior design which is going to help me really focus on doing stuff for whatever church I am going to join when I get out.

Also you would not believe how many Barack Obama supporters there are in jail. I mean, practically everybody except the people who were for Ralph Nader. My mom was for Ralph Nader but I said to her that Obama is ten times better than Ralph Nader because Obama knows all about Liberation Theology which I am really big on.

Anyway I was going to say that another really cool thing about jail is I get free therapy. I have this doctor named Frank Peckscott. I am supposed to call him Frank. Anyway, he said I was suffering from guilt. He said that guilt is caused by my parents yelling at me when I was a kid. He said that when parents yell at kids they get low self-esteem and so what I have is low self-esteem and so I should work on feeling better about myself.

Frank told me that if I feel people have been hurt me or something what I need to do is get IN THEIR FACE and tell them that they BETTER APOLOGIZE RIGHT NOW! So. I haven't seen Father Tim for a while but if I do, I am going to get in his FACE right away. Also the person I really think should apologize right away is TODD TURK. And also I think H. Robert Williams owes me big time.

Now that Barack Obama is president (YES!) I am really thinking my self-esteem is going to be a lot better.