Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm back from the labyrinth!

It's been a great week, everyone!

Last weekend's concert with Marty Haugen, David Haas, and Don Schulte was incredible. I stayed up hanging out with the Sisters of St. Joseph, learned about Reiki, Healing Touch, and spending time in the Labyrinth with Starhawk!

I even got her autograph!

Anyway, now that I'm a Healing Touch practitioner, and I have a full array of crystals, I'll be taking appointments for anyone interested. We can work on healing auras, diseases, blemishes, all those things. I'll also be giving a class on Centering Prayer, and through that, we'll be working on conversing with the divinity within so that we can self-actualize and become the deities we are!

Next weekend, I should be well versed enough in Tarot and will be holding a seminar in Astrology, Enneagram, and Tarot in the Spirit Maze at 9 pm. We will be surrounded by the torches to represent the divine masters who have gone before us, and after that, if someone has interest, I think I can get that guy from "Crossing Over" to hold a seance for us. We might have to schedule that for a different weekend, though.

It's going to be a really exciting summer here at SOV2!


Father Tim said...

Super, Maryann! I'm really excited to see what this Tarot card reading is all about. One of my favorite artistes, Neil Peart, the drummer for Rush, is all into Tarot Cards. Hey - if the guy who wrote "Freewill" and "Witchhunt" says Tarot Cards are the best, then they're good enough for me!

You're right! It's going to be the best summer ever at SOV2!

Che' Lovell said...

Maryann... um... Could you show Britnee and Taheetee how to do some of those healing touch things because I know that someone in the parish (NOT ME!) has a bad back and is embarassed.



Rob said...

Is there a way for Maryann to become permanently lost in the labyrinth?

Also, is there a lock on the door to this labyrinth? I need to know for some special blueprints I am making.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

rob: She is permanently lost in the labyrinth.