Monday, June 18, 2007

To Show You The Way

Hello. I was most pleased to discover the following excellent news on the internet:

Episcopalian Priestess is also Muslim

This news came to me by the Curt Jester who is a very bad man and who will soon have a fatwah issued against him.

But the article is very good and shows that it is possible to evolve as a faithful person. I encourage you to study this article and understand how it is possible to be both Christian and Muslim. This is part of the great dialectic of history. Just as economics has a dialectic, so too does faith. There was first the dialectic of Jew and Pagan. In this tension, Judaism emerged victorious in the form of Christianism. Then there was the great dialectic of Christian and Muslim. In this dialectic, Islam will emerge victorious, but with parts of Christianity.

I have spoken many times with your Reverend Timothy, and he is in full agreement. He has authorized the construction of a minaret at the Spirit of Vatican II Catholic Faith Community.

Peace be upon you.

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DeMaistre said...

Dr. Thomas,

Don't pick up those blueprints we spoke of last week. For some reason some goons from Homeland Security brought my friend in for "questioning" this weekend.

I'm driving down to try to bail her out tonight. If so, I'll give you a call to drop off the documents. I can't wait to join the ecumenical rally you seem to be planning. I'm sure the spirit will explode forth from the gathering.