Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Hey! Someone named Paramedic Girl "tagged" me with a "mimi". I don't know what this is supposed to mean, but Ché tells me that I'm supposed to write about "Things that (or People who) don't bother me", with some sort of list, and then go "tag" other people. So here goes!

  1. Charles Curran
  2. Dorothy Day's Undergarments
  3. Pet Dander
  4. Flying Solo
  5. Being thought gay
  6. Grave Sins
  7. Lou Reed
  8. Women Priests
  9. The 1970's
  10. Unusually Shaped Churches
  11. Madonna (hubba, hubba!)
  12. Getting lost in the Spirit-Maze
  13. Frostbite
  14. When there are missing pages in America magazine
  15. Youth in Asia
  16. Ex-nuns in pantsuits (hubba, hubba!)
  17. Bostonians

There you go! Now I tag Fr. LeJanvier, Fidel Castro, and Cardinal Mahoney.


Anonymous said...

16. why EX nuns????? :(

I'm not feeling very good these days..... anyone have any green tea? I'm all out.

Anonymous said...

Lou Reed! I'm with you, Padre.

-Taheetee Moonbeam

Adoro te Devote said...

I'm so offended! I tagged you DAYS ago, but you didn't even notice!

For all I did for this community, working to assist them when your "friend" held everyone hostage, turnig this place into a Soviet labor camp...!

Just so you're aware, while I've agreed with the Archbishop that I will maintain a presence here, it's only on a part time basis, here and there. I have told him that I'm going to work for the FBI and the CIA in a joint special unit involving homeland terrorism, because that kind of thing is far safer than working directly for the Church.

Che' and Brittnee talked me into staying at least marginally.

But I'm so offended you ignored my Meme. Here it is anyway...I can't bring myself to "untag" you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag. I just dropped by to get your e-mail so we can finalize your travel plans to the Liturgical Nuances Conference in October.
Anyway, here goes:
Things that don't bother me:

1.) Glass chalices
2.) Missing patens
3.) Speaker Pelosi
4.) Catholics of non-standard sexual orientation
5.) Women using their constitutional rights.
6.) A steadily declining ordination rate in my diocese.
7.) Traveling in coach. Just kidding! That one DOES bother me!
8.) Hispanic Mass
9.) Chinese Mass
10.) Vulcan Mass
11.) Gay Mass
12.) Animal Mass
13) Latin Mass - HA! Gotcha again!
14.) People spelling my name "Mahoney."
15.) People calling me "Cardinal Baloney."
16.) The Hollywood Elite.
17.) That the Pope is 80 years old.

Roger Cardinal Mahony

Che' Lovell said...

Father Tim, I thought this was about things that were supposed to upset people but didn't upset you but all your things on your list (like Madonna) are really cool. Why didn't you put something like Ron Paul except he does upset you so you could just lie about it or something.

You know what doesn't upset me as much as it should... Chicken Wings. Because even though they kill at least half a chicken with every wing I still think they taste really good. I probably shouldn't admit that.

Che' Lovell said...

Well here's my list but nobody ever tags me so I know nobody really cares what I have to say but here it is anyway. I kin dof changed the rules so ts really a list of things that bug me.

1. People who chew with their mouth open
2. Gum on the sidewalk (RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT PEOPLE!) and I always step in it
3. Everybody and everything in the state of Mississippi especially Trent Lott
4. Republicans in general
5. The bad aliens who keep abducting people
6. People who cut down trees in the rainforest
7. People who like Ron Paul
8. People who laughed when their cat ate my mouse named Curtis
9. People who don't like Julia Roberts
10. Really fat liturgical dancers
11. People who ride horses and hit them and play polo and stuff
12. People who tag Father Tim and NOT ME

Okay, actually now I feel better than when I did my favorite things meme a while ago.


Art Bell said...


On your number 5, how about adding those bad aliens that make all of those crop circles all over the place, destroying the environment and ruining good food that should go to hungry people in the process??? What are they thinking???

Che' Lovell said...

Art you are so right! I hate those stupid aliens because all they are doing is SHOWING OFF when they do all that stuff. Why don't they just give us the alien energy technology so we can have peace on this planet? NO! they're just like republicans and want to use teh alien technology to create clones of Dick Cheney.

But really Keith is who knows all this stuff. I wish I had a decent scanner because then I could scan in Letter from a Karns Jail and people would know exactly what is going on here on this planet.

I also wish I hadn't accidentally killed L. Ron Hubbards brain because I'm sure it would have told me everything eventually but all I got out of it was stuff like ICK THHHPPPT WAHHOOOOT and to be honest it didn't make a lot of sense to me at the time.