Saturday, June 2, 2007

Adoro is Right

I never in a thousand years I'd ever say such a thing, but Adoro is right, and I've seen the proof.

The "Brothers of Love" told you all that I should be watched and ignored ostensibly because my liturgy had traditionalist leanings. You all KNOW that to be a lie! The spirit of Vatican II told us to innovate and I've worked so HARD with and for all of you to live up to that directive! Remember the liturgical dancers last Sunday?

The proof is before your eyes, people. Adoro is right...we are all being deceived.

The reality is that they won't let me leave because I learned their secret. Their true agenda is to take our property and...get this....USE IT FOR MILITARY TRAINING! THEY'RE WAR-MONGERS, NOT PACIFISTS! THEY ARE NOT BROTHER'S OF LOVE OF ANYTHING OTHER THAN WAR!

But if we work together, we can beat them.

Please, everyone....I beg you.....HELP US!

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