Saturday, June 2, 2007


Ignore "Father" Kane's last message: he is not who you think he is. PLEASE, EVERYONE, I BEG YOU, LISTEN!

This is a pro-war group, they have GUNS, and they are NOT what they are claiming to be!

The good news is that Adoro and I have escaped the perimeter, thanks to Adoro's previous training in handling violent offense. I never realized such training could be useful for those of us seeking peace, but if it weren't for her, we'd still be stranded there.

They also lied to you; Che' and Brittnee are not in the encampment, but they are off base somewhere.

We will continue to post as we are able; we have set up cameras and microphones around the campus and this information is being transmitted to those who need to see and record it, and some of those cameras are very revealing; when they are alone, the "Brothers of Love" and "Father Kane" clearly identify themselves as:

Posse Comatatis and Sgt. Lido Caine. He is not a priest, he is not Catholic or any other religion, He is an atheist, anti-womyn, and he doesn't even believe in GAIA!

Get out now! The Feds are en route. They don't like us either, but they at least don't think our faith community is out for terrorism.


Fr Curt Kane said...

Maryann, I am very concerned that you would mislead the F.C. to this extent. I am clearly not anti-womyn. I just do not believe that myn and womyn really exist - they are fabrications of the bourgois oligarchy that were created to keep the workers from communion. But perhaps most insulting is your subtle insinuation that I am not in the favor of Gaia, which is so far from the truth as to be almost the rantings of a Neocon.

Likewise, the Brothers of Love have renounced firearms, since firearms are tools of oppression and are composed of certain minerals which have been robbed from mother earth. Rather, we utilize our Gaia-given physical skills in order to neutralize our opponents.

Finally, you may have fled the Spirit of Vatican II campus, but you are not outside of our grasp. Despite all of your provocations, you are, of course, welcome to return, where you will be welcomed with loving arms as a lost sheep returning to the sheepfold, or perhaps as a prodigal child for whom we will kill the fat goose.


Maryann McGronk said...'s spelling "womyn" right....

Sgt. Caine, you're wrong. I'm not the one misleading. YOU are! And I've been will not lure me back until you are all taken away! You kept me prisoner and you hold others!

Adoro asked me to ask you what goose you intend to kill? We don't believe in eatint meat, and she pointed that out!

She likes to eat meat, but she doesn't mind that we at SOVII don't approve of it! You say you renounced firearms, but as I've been there, I saw clearly what you carried. I'm not an idiot...I'm not Cindy Sheehan and I will not be your puppet like she was!

Oh...sorry...Adoro said that's uncharitable. And I forgot...I LIKE Cindy Sheehan.

I don't like you and I don't trust you...on one hand you are threatening, and on the other hand, you're asking me back.

I'm just now trying to get over an abusive relationship with my common law husband. He did the same thing you're doing. I know therapist helped me recognize it and you're being abusive!

We are NOT turning ourselves in!

El Cid said...

Where is Father Tim?!?!?