Saturday, June 16, 2007

Banned 'Blog

Hey! In getting ready to be Bishop, I realized that while I'm pretty good with words, I'm maybe not so good at sounding all official, which is something that you've just gotta do if you're gonna be Bishop. So I'm practicing around the rectory (and it's driving Maryann crazy!). Anyway, here's a little housekeeping done in my new Bishop-Style

I, Reverend Tim Plarvik, future Bishop of Knoxville, in consulation with the Motherly Essence and acting with all due priviledge accorded to me by my status as the pastor of SOV2, the leader of my flock, and the watchwarden of a particular province of the Great Earth, hereby ban the following 'blog and declare it to be an Offense Against the Spirit of Vatican 2 for any faith community member to visit it:

Bonfire of the Vanities: PH, C+,T,F,UM,POD

Thank you all for your willful cooperation with the Spirit of Vatican 2.


The Papal Secretary said...

While the Holy Fathers of Totus Pius are wondering who died and left you in charge, The Popes Pius wish to solicit your aid in creating a pastorally sensitive name for their newest liturgical ministry which you can read about here:

Also, they would like to know if the SOV2 community is interesting in volunteering to serve as a test site for the new outreach.

We look forward to working with you.

The Papal Secretary of Totus Pius

DeMaistre said...

Father Tim,

Is the rumor true that you and Father Chad are going to have a debate for the election of bishop soon?