Monday, June 25, 2007

I Excoriate These Blogs

Hello. In the name of your Reverend Timothy Plarvik, I join you and your Faith Community in Excoriating and declaring Jihad upon the following blogs, which, in the name of your so-called Catholic Church of malignant and perfidious history, spit in the face of the peace loving peoples.

Totus Pius: PH,C+,T+,F,EM,RC,RT,O
Pope Benedict Fan Club: PH,C++,T,F,NC
Dyspeptic Mutterings: PH,C,EM,RT,R,F
Ad Dominum: PH,C,T
Adrienne's Catholic Corner: PH,O,C,T,R,EM
Vivificat: PH,F,T,O+,C,EM

Your Revererend Timothy Plarvik has encouraged me to be calm and peaceful, so I will not take that course of action which I feel would be most necessary to remove your offensive imperialist dog-monkey blogs from this peace-loving and worshipful faith community of the Spirit of Vatican II, may Allah be praised.


Rae said...

Now--do you plan to update your list of banned blogs (at right), or have you reconsidered your earlier decision to ban me? Maybe you've since noticed that my blog is open and tolerant and non-judgmental...? :)

XXXXXX said...

Temper Temper, Doctor,

You should really get checked out for that--maybe check into anger managment classes, or at least go to a cardiologist (Agent Jones was angry like that one time, and all the blood vessels in his forehead started to stick out; now he has to take a huge blue pill every hour).

I noticed that you still haven't been by the office to fill out your re-application to keep your visa... You know how we government bureaucrats are--we need to keep tabs every once in a while.

Agent Smith,
Department of Homeland Security

ps. You didn't have to yell at me like that the other day--I thought it was a very reasonable question to ask.

Adrienne said...

Let’s see now -- Father Chad excommunicated me and now you’re banning my blog (which is really not even up and running yet). Does that mean I have to go to Real Life (where real life and Jesus meet) Evangelical Church for my spiritual sustenance?? They have a nifty communion service with grape juice and little itty bitty crackers and quote scripture ---- take and eat for this represents my body, blah blah. Sounds good to me. And what about the picnic and my group hug?

Hidden One said...

All hail the Tridentine Mass!


...oops, wrong blog...


Christina said...

Wouldn't condeming another blog be non-inclusive? I thought the Spirit of Vatican 2 was about accepting everyone!

H Robert Williams said...

Dear Christina,

I don't know Dr. Thomas Al-Fakkir very well but as a colleague in the profession I can say most assuredly that he must certainly be a man of peace. We must try to foster in ourselves a more reflective attitude and seek to better understand what he means by words like "Excoriate" and "dog-monkey." We must also carefully consider his own faith tradition which nobly enriches so many lives. What does "dog-monkey" mean. What's he trying to tell us about the way we image to him? Are there things we can do to help him see the challenge we present from a new direction?

Condemning here is really an invitation to further dialog. Its merely a way of saying, "let's talk about this as sisters and brothers and see if we can't find the common values, hopes, and yes even fears. Let's see if we can work together to sort through these very important issues.

I think we have all too often moved so rapidly ahead on our spirit-guided path that sometimes we forget to consider that some people need a little "catching up." That's when we can offer a helping had and say "yes your concerns are valuable too."

Not that we should compromise at all. For ourselves, the wheel of progress can not turn back. What we need to do is to calmly say, "come now, sister or brother, I know you are afraid to change. But let's see how we can look at this in such a way that you can feel comfortable."

H Robert

Hidden One said...

Ah... a community so inclusive it doesn't include the concept it might be wrong.


Teófilo de Jesús said...

Thank you for adding Vivificat! to your Index Blogorum Prohibitorum. Great job around here too! Love your work.