Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Whole Mess of Anti-Spirit 'Blogs

Hey! What's going on out there? It seems like everytime I check out a new 'blog, it's one of those Rad-Trad Neocath Traddie 'blogs. Honestly, I know how Manny Kant felt when he said "ein kinder ist ins das wasser gerfallen!" Anyhow, here are the latest batch of 'blogs that shouldn't be patronized by peoples who are in communion with the Spirit of Vatican II:

The Cafeteria is Closed: PH,T,C,F,EM,O,R
Jimmy Akin: PH,T,C,F
Dad29: R+,O,T
Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam: PH,R,C,F
The Troglodyte: PH,C,R,O
Roman Sacristan: C,T,F,M
Absolutely No Spin: T,F,C

The following "links" have just been updated by me!

Chironomo's Podium: PH,F,T+,O,EM,C
Adam's Ale: C+,T,EM

Note that this is the WORST batch of 'blogs yet! Visiting any of these 'blogs might cause an otherwise spirit-filled person to start questioning things. And there's more Latin on these 'blogs than at a Ricky Martin concert! Parishioners are warned to stay away at peril to their link to the Lifespirit.


Adoro te Devote said...

I see that my own ratings have not been updated. "F" would be appropriate as I am a fan of Latin and my name is in Latin. "C" as I have clearly posted on recent ordianations and have several priests and some religious orders on my blogroll, as well as icons showing Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.

I'm not sure if your other ratings would apply to me, however I do ask that perhaps you take another look.

Matt said...

I've never been shunned before! I think SOV2CFC is guilty of clericalism for excommunicating all of us! Pharisee!

Chironomo said...

You guys are lucky... despite a rash of postings on the inevitability of reform and the need for a serious look at a complete re-examination of the last 40 years of liturgical development ... I DIDN'T EVEN MAKE THE LIST... by the way, it Supporters of the Spirit of Vatican II are welcome if they don't mind the truth.

Luv Ya'! said...

Great Mother Tim,

Thanks for the warnings - you are the best, Mom. I don't know how I would think without you!

Luv ya'!

Che' Lovell said...

I looked at that gironomo guy's blog and I couldn't understand any of it. I mean what was he talking about with all this Motu stuff. Does he mean Mojo? If he means mojo I think he's okay and just a doors fan, but I'll bet he really does mean Motu and so I bet he's pretty dangerous.


Dad29 said...



Terrence Berres said...

He might mean mo' Joe.

radtradchad said...

touché, Fr. Plarvik. You have just been added to my Index Prohibitum.

~Fr. Chadwick LeJanvier, SSLI

Bartholomew said...

Hey! The cafeteria is not closed!!! Doesn't that cafeteria guy know that we have a primacy of conscience here?!?!?!

Father Tim said...


You know, at first I was really offended by the "cafeteria is closed" thing. But then I thought, hey! That's cool. The Cafeteria is closed, but not the Soup Kitchen! Because that's what it means to be church - not that you get to go to some fancy cafeteria and pick out what you want, but that you get to go to a place like SOV2, where loving people will give you what you need, and not always what you would have picked out for yourself. That's how we can be eucharist for each other! So I like to think of SOV2 as "the Soup Kitchen of Catholic Faith Communities."

-Fr. Tim

Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

I think, in fairness, justice and fluffy bunnies, you ought to make a distinction between neo-Cath and "traditional" Catholics.

I have been fighting a running battle with some Neo-Caths over the last two weeks...

BTW & FWIW I'll be posting a link soon to a huge post I am going to archive on my blog (it's too big to post up front) which gets to the nub of the gist viz. the neo-Catholic. If you are ever around my place, take a look in the left-hand column, you'll see it when it's posted.


ps what about adding "U" for ultramontane to your classification index?