Sunday, June 24, 2007

What does it mean to be a Faith Community

Hey how's it going!

For those of you who don't know me I'm Che' Lovell and I run the EcoChurch and ChurchOftheWorld Ministries. We have a lot of fun in our ministries because we eat vegan pizza and drink a lot of environmentally friendly water and think up stuff we can do to support this crazy world where we all live. Because you know there's just this one world and we all have to share it! And I don't just mean us crazy, bare-skinned, two-legged primates, but I mean all those little crawly things that you step on when your not paying attention and big elephants and fish and bats and turtles and the electric eel and termites and squid and dolphins. A lot of people think that dolphins are actually smarter than people and have psychic powers. Oh Yah! And body thetans too. We're all part of a big world community.

But you'll notice that my ministries EcoChurch and ChurchOftheWorld both have that funny word church in them. Sometimes republicans come by SOV2 and say "Hey what's with this faith community stuff" and "why are you afraid of using the word church?" and things like that. And after I yell at them for killing people all over the world with their stupid wars and stealing and stuff I usually tell them this:

You know church is something you do. Like "I'm church to you" or "let's be church together." its not about some white guy in Rome with a funny hat. That's the way you should understand it when I say Ecochurch I mean let's be church to the ecosystem. And its an action verb thing like EcoChurch = Protest against chicken killers or ChurchOftheWorld = Go tell republicans there stupid. That kind of thing.

Another question republicans often ask me is then what is a "faith community" And after I yell at them and tell them to stop opressing womyn by limitting choice and to get behind China's awesome One Child policy I usually say to them something like this.

A faith community is like all these people who get together and experience the lifeforce in the god-spirit through corporate meditation and celebrate in an open free-flowing environment not held down by the heavy chains of the past to soar upward being impelled by the dynamics of primacy of self-actuated conscience to reach a higher pinacle of consciousness that grows into a revelation of the inner connection that connects and unifies each of us through our diversity into the one great mystery that is EarthMother.

Anyway last night at the debate you could really feel the faith community stand up together. It was great! I'm sure that Father Tim and Maryann are extra-proud of us today as we come together to all be church together and stuff. And so let's get started and bring up the muffins that the twins made for us and let's all let our positive energy flow and stuff.

Oh YAH! and stick around afterwards because I brought my Collector's edition of Purple Rain on DVD and we're going to be showing that.


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Che: For a, supposed, man of "peace" you sure yell a lot.

Che' Lovell said...

You know how at the end of purple rain prince comes out and he starts singing and he says "put your arms in the air if you know what I'm talking about," and you know how that's because that guy told him nobody knows what hes saying because it doesn't make sense? Well that's how I feel sometimes because I'm saying stuff and people just don't know what I mean. I think its because its too deep or something.


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Or, it could be because they are just confused and afraid. LOL!

Purple Rain? Honey, I LIVED it.

Father Tim said...

Hey Ché! You know, that was a great "bloghomily" there. You should really think about the seminary. I know you're staying noncomittal because of the whole "Britnee thing", but I can give you a 100% guarantee that within the next couple of years, priests will be able to get married and fool around and stuff. I read about it in US Catholic magazine. Anyway, it would be a shame to have gifted homiletics skills like yours going to waste.

Peace out!


Che' Lovell said...

Hey Father Tim,

I can't wait for you to get back. You know I went ahead and had the involuntary lock-in thing you're always telling me not to do. It started off good but I lost the keys. The bad part is people are getting tired of watching Purple Rain. And also its not really smelling so good in here and stuff. I thought Maryann would be coming to let us out but I don't know where she is. Could you please hurry!


Dr. Thomas Al-Fakkir said...

Che I spit upon you and your muffins! May you be cursed to the hell of infidels and one thousand angry scorpions! A desert of fire awaits you!