Saturday, June 16, 2007

Feeling kind of glum, oh yah, Nat

Hey SOV2ers.

A while ago Nat wrote me and asked about everybody being sinners and stuff and since we were all sinners how that meant that we didn't have any right to tell anybody else how to live and stuff. I guess that's all true because I think if you really want to do something that means your supposed to do it because otherwise your just LYING to yourself and anyway you can't help it. I'm just glad I don't want to do anything really gross like eating cows or something because I don't think I could stand that.

Well, I don't know if he ever heard of the song "Spirit in the Sky" which is one of my favorite hymns that we used to sing together at church before Todd came and messed everything up but there's a line in that which goes like "Never been a sinner I never sinned" and that kind of sums up how I feel but I know that people with Body Thetans like everybody else can't help it really.

Father Tim tells me not to talk about Body Thetans because he wasn't sure if there were such things. And though its always good to be open minded there were a few things like FRED THOMPSON and NUCLEAR POWER and things that you should be CLOSE-MINDED about. But I WAS hooked up to the machine and everything and in fact it did say ZERO so I'm pretty sure that they do exist otherwise why would so many people be going out and becoming scientologists and paying all that money and things. And when I asked Father Tim he didn't say anything but kind of looked at me and shook his head and said to keep working on his campaign for Biship.

Just wanted everybody to know that I'm really sorry for being mad at you all. I know you can't help it that you're always laughing at me. Sometimes I think your all really just Catholofascists who are pretending to be nice especially that Winnie person who I'm almost sure is actually a REPUBLICAN because he wants us to vote for Ron Paul who is majorly anti-womyn and anti-INDIGENEOUS people and anti-SOCIALISM. I bet he's against nationalizing health care which means he just wants poor people to die. But then I think well at least Britnee isn't a Catholofascist so there's something to be happy about maybe.

Well, it's late and me and my Julia Roberts plushie are going up to bed.



NAT! said...

Yo Che'!

This is such a powerful worldview. And all we have are individual perspectives, in the end, right? I mean, that's the beauty of us all being sinners is that we don't have to impose our viewpoints on others: That would be violence. And violence is only okay if was unavoidable, right? Like if it was an uprising of the peoples against the Vast Systemic Problem (TM). As the Great Philospher (TM) said "Vee needlisher der Fun der Mental Opscionlish Fuher der Poors."* Personally, I don't see anything "fun" about it, but who am I to trash talk the Great Philosopher (TM)?

Do you guys have a scholar on board. I really think you need a professor....


* Das Kapital for beginners, Orbis books, 8th edition, 1977

NAT! said...


you need to do something about your blog....this combox reads "1 comments"....that ain't right.

Get some help with your grammar, or the movement will get too confusing.

[I'm here to help]


NAT! said...


The SYSTEM is trying to oppress me by making me look stupid!! Now it says "2 comments", like I was lying the whole time. Your combox is judgemental and mean-spirited. I'll bet your combox is against contraception and is for the oppression of the peoples. DOWN WITH THE COMBOX....uh wait...then the peoples wouldn't be able to read the wisdom of M. le Nat, the Natatonic One, and thus a Vehicle of Extraordinary Propaganda (TM) would be denied to the MOVEMENT, the Cyber-Base Community would dissolve, and a web style Dickensian End-Game to Civilization would ensue.

I apologize....might I offer you a bribe, comrade combox?


Che' Lovell said...

Nat you are SO right about everything. I think you've probably touched L. Ron Hubbards brain too because I can tell your one of the CLEAR ONES.

Yah! The point is I can't tell you what to do and you can't tell me what to do because if you did that you'd be a hypocrite and if I did that I'd be a hypocrite because all we know is what we WANT to do and nobody else KNOWS how MUCH we want to do it. And if its a sin or something whatever because pretty much everything is a sin anyway and just because some old white guy with a stupid looking hat said it was a sin that's because he had some problem or something. AND WHO IS HE ANYWAY?!

But YAH what we need is to create a society where everybody is respected FOR WHO THEY ARE. And who you ARE is WHAT YOU WANT! But I don't mean people who WANT stuff like MONEY or PROPERTY because that's all stealing and no one should have that because then someone else doesn't if you know what I mean.

So all the republicans are always telling us what to do and stuff and then they talk about freedom BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH! Father Tim says that's because their all farasees.

Anyway it's awesome talking to you because I can tell you really get it and aren't just one of those catholofascist people.

Are you a professor?


NAT! said...

Yo Che',

I can tell by the funky swaggar in your prose that you are on the cutting edge of "keepin-it-real" theology. Because it's gotta be real. And I mean bonk-your-head-on-the-pavement-cuz-you-just-got-blown-down-by-some-dude-spraying-a-fire-hose-at-a-World-Trade-Council-protest-rally-type real. If your head hasn't been cracked open by a National Guard officer with a riot shield, YOU HAVEN'T BEEN PAYING ATTENTION!!

Is Nat a professor? Oh, baby...the simple answer is "yes." The longer answer is that Nat PROFESSES to be a law unto himself, by liberty of the Sovereign Conscience, and is fully trained in Liberation, Transcendental Thomism ('cept for the Thomism part, cuz it got boring then), and MORE LIBERATION. My middle name is Gustavogutierrez (one word). There's a life-sized poster of Jose Comblin in the rec room of my cottage on Cape Cod, which I retreat to for spiritual renewal after fighting the capitalist-materialist dogs in the Hamptons, where my main ministry and base community are located.

I am also highly trained in Scoffing, Hedging, Talking for hours without allowing anyone to interrupt me, Writing on Chalk Boards in a Menacing and Commanding Manner, and Quoting Catholic Documents in ANY CONTEXT NECESSARY, regardless of the INTENDED MEANING.

In short: COMRADE NAT, REPORTING FOR DUTY, SIR! (ooops...that "Sir" sounded patriarchal and hierarchical. I need more sensitivity training.)


Anonymous said...

Fr. Tim, if you're reading this, I think we need to hire NAT as Dir of Ecum. outreach. Doctor Thomas (Sorry if that's offensive, it's what I like!) has got to go... waaay too pro-violence. My vote is for NAT to replace him.

Father Tim said...

Sister Fairah,

Oh - don't worry about Thomo - he's allright. You're judging him, and remember what the Bible says about judging? It says don't do it! Dr. Thomas is not "a typical Catholic," but that's what makes him so beneficial for SOV2. He's really going to help us change our parish. We'll have a whole new faith before he's done! I'm really excited about some of the things that he's talked to me about. Did you know that there's this whole lost part of the Bible called "the Sura" and it really sheds a very different light on what the Spirit wants from us.

Fr. Tim

Father Tim said...


One of the Cathlofascists addressed your question about the "1 Comments" thing:

O Grammar! Enigma is thy Name!

But don't listen to them over at that 'blog, because they are haters.

Fr. Tim

NAT! said...

Yo Sr. Fairah!

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Like all revolutionaries, I crave validation. Not that there is such a thing as 'valid' and 'invalid': we are ALL SINNERS. I'm sorry...where was I? Can't remember...sometimes I get deep down trascendental...Oh, and the formal spelling of my name is "NAT!"...informal, just "NAT"...not that I mind...anyone who wears a miracle habit can call me "NAT."

Yo Fr. Tim!

I'm concerned about the blog. You have a lot of appropriate content, and you are OPEN, WELCOMING, TOLERANT, and VIBRANTLY constructive. You are all, to use Rahner's phrase "Unknown Chritians" (or was that for those who hadn't yet heard the Gospel? Whatever). BUT (and here's the problem), you DO have words on this site which might be construed as ANGLOPHILITICALLY OFFENSIVE. I mean like "Thy" in your last post. I hate to be the one to point it out, but, well, it hurt me deeply as my people were once oppressed by the English. They were English people, and well, it was elementary school. I don't want to talk about it. Do you have any pastoral care hours?

Also, I think we need to always keep the SOV2 "real". I mean, spirituality is fine, but we need to more aggressively and brutally embrace non-violence, don't you think? I mean, if ever something ought to be imposed upon the people, don't you think it ought to be non-violence. Let's get more political, and keep it real. Remember, it's about systemic change. It's about power. We won't be able to free the people until they are subjected to us. It's for their own good.


Che' Lovell said...

NAT! You are AWESOME You are way so much better than that guy "Dr." Thomas because he is a real loser. He literally attacked me, physically, and that was bad. But I am in to you agressive NON-VIOLENCE because that's what we do here. Because I have been training people in pretending to be dead and there's a lot to that becuase soemtimes you might want to look like your dead from a disease or from a war or from having your ASPIRIN factory bombed by republicans or because your a horse and someone hit you really hard or maybe your just a baby cow and you've been penned up in a cage to make you into veal.

The other NON-VIOLENT thing we do here at SOV2 is our lie down and block peoples way protest. that's where we pack the aisle of a church or something by all lying down next to each otehr so people have to walk on us. But its hard to get time to train for that one.

We pretty much focus on those two because if you mix them together you'll find that you get pretty much every kind of nonviolent protest.

Anyway I think that thing you do with your name is COOL! I'm going to start calling myself CHE' if I'm casual and CHE# if I'm talking to someone I don't know and maybe CHE+ if I'm extra happy and CHE- if I'm kind of down. And maybe (CHE) if I feel kind of confused.


(Just kidding that would be me if I was a LOSER REPUBLICAN)


Anonymous said...

Will you be giving lessons of some sort? I really need a brushing up on the non-violent (brutal and agressive version) thing. Maybe we could incorporate Che's lining the aisle tactic. I'm right with both of you. Maybe we could incorporate a tofu recipe exchange at the same time? I'm getting a little tired of the same 'ole Tofu nuggets and Tofu Miso.

Maryann McGronk said...

Actually, sin is outdated and was done away with by Vatican II.

We are not sinners. We are good people, and we have the Divine within us. We just have to find that spark of our inner divinity and blow on it, embrace it, and become the deities we are denying ourselves from becoming.

St. Shirley McLaine said, "To love self is to love God." We cannot love ourselves if we are so judgmental and critical of ourselves...we have to pass over the negative and embrace the good vibes!

I have a crystal that helps discern the good vibrations so we can focus on those. We are not sinners. We are deities, just unrealized.

Che' Lovell said...

Maryann! I'm so glad your back because maybe you cn help deal with this new guy named "Dr" Thomas because he is NUTS! But you are right except I would disagree because some people who BOMB ASPIRIN FACTORIES or support ANTI-WOMYN ANTI-INDIGENEOUS PEOPLES RON PAUL are definitely sinning. And people who are rich are definitely sinning and people who hit horses or eat baby cows.



NAT! said...

Yo everyone,

This is not good. There is a serious lack of understandification going on here. If the SOV2 is to continue its perpetual evolution to perfection, we must understand some basic principles:

Sin/no sin, "we're all sinners", "there's no such thing as sin", BLAH BLAH BLAH (to quote Che'). The point is not to believe any of these things, it is to assert any or all of them AS NEEDED. Let's keep it real, people! If you are dealing with a potential recruit to the Base Community, you must use the bait that best ensnares--(oops, I mean ATTRACTS)--them. All of you need to get away from the idea that any of this "means" anything. If there's one thing contemporary hermenuetics teaches us, it's that words have NO discernable meaning, so use them in any combination you might find desireable from moment to moment. This is not "situational ethics", mostly because there is no such thing as an ethical or unethical position, accept in whatever context I choose to present it in at any given time.

You all seem to be forgetting the first priciple of Liberation (TM): that this is all about political power. Don't be confused, peoples: those following the movement need not understand anything. It is more important that they be lead by their emotional attraction to one of your prepared "directions".

So as to violence/non violence: who cares? It's all the same. Remember that we advocate non-violence when we don't have numbers, but when we do...HOOOOOO BOY! That's when the fun starts! After the fact, we'll say it wasn't primary violence, but secondary violence in just response to the OPPRESSION of the PEOPLES which was the real source of it. In fact, we'll say, it was really just non-violent bloodshed. That's what I mean by brutal non-violence. Believe me, our followers won't notice, cuz we'll have abolished the confessional and made them dependant upon anti-depressants for years before the real fun starts. Trust me: they'll be so enslaved to their own vices that they will gladly equate watching 'Gilligan's Island' to
fasting and freedom fighting, simultaneously.

Any questions?