Saturday, June 2, 2007


Hello Parishioners. Do not be alarmed by the posts made by "Adoro" and Maryann Mcgronk. I recognize that you may be concerned that such counterevolutionary and reactionary elements are still at lage on the church grounds but I assure you that they pose you no danger. Even now, the Brothers are triangulating on their positions and they will shortly be in custody. With this unpleasantness behind us, we will be able to return to a footing of peace and serenity provided you obey the rules of the Spirit of Vatican II CFC.

This is an opportune time to introduce you to some of the new administration at Spirit of Vatican II CFC.

Helmut Danzig is the Chief Brother. He will be helping the FC make the transition to the new administration. Do not be afraid to bring him any concerns that you may have about your fellow parishioners.

Hortense L'Avon is the People's Advocate for the Brothers of Love. She will be your representative at the B.O.L. meetings to ensure that the people are represented when important decisions are made concerning the parish.

Angus Maconoughey is the Deputy Chief Brother. Frankly I advise you not to anger him and to avoid him when possible as he has a spirit on fire for the Spirit of Vatican II.

Further, the rumors concerning the disappearance of Che Lovell and Britnee Hamilton are mere agitprop being distributed by the counterrevolutionaries. Che and Britnee are safe and in a secluded locatio preparing a special liturgical dance to celebrate the victory of Spirit of Vatican CFC over the forces of orthodoxy and NeoCath oligarchy. I am posting this picture to demonstrate Che and Britnee practicing for the offeratory dance.

Finally, following is a list of parishioners who are to report to the Contemplation Temple for adjustment:

Dr. and Mizz Argot
Helen McFarrell
Benedict Montgomery
Xavier and Marie Grafshelm
L'il Timmy Rompkins
The Ottiviani Family

Please cooperate so that we can avoid unpleasantries.


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