Sunday, June 10, 2007

In Solidarity

Hey! You won't believe the horrible, horrible oppression that's going on at this Australian parish:

St. Vincent's Redfern

This is a really neat parish with lots of aboriginal things and such, and it's pretty clear that they know how to be church. They even used to have a priest named Ted Kennedy! As Britnee would say, OMG! Unfortunately Ted Kennedy died and Cardinal Pell sent in a bunch of head-knockers from Bolivia or something, who really aren't church and who tried to remove a statue of an aboriginal womyn giving birth from the altar. One of the parishioners saw this blasphemy and prevented it from being removed. No clericalism at this parish, I'll tell you! There's also a really cool flag hanging from the altar which I think I'm going to get copied to hang in SOV2 as a sign of solidarity.

Also, in solidarity with the indigent peoples of Australia, I'm going to start including the indigent peoples of America in our liturgical celebrations. I've asked Maryann to see how we can work in a prayer to the Great Manitee, and I've decided to start using tobacco instead of incense in that incense-burning thing I have to wave around sometimes.


Luv ya'! said...

Great Mother Tim,

I think white sage is the "in" thing to use now. Yah, a smudge during mass would be such a rad experience.
Oh, and thanks for being such a great Mom to us.

Luv ya'!

Father Tim said...

Luv ya', that is one of the neatest things anyone has ever said to me! I wish I was as nurturing as a mother. Well... as someone else's mother. If you've listened to my homilies, you'd know that my mother wasn't exactly a horse-whisperer. Maybe that's one of my hang-ups, you know?

-Fr. Tim

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct Tim
I am a retired priest who helps feed the poor
at Redfern a couple of times a week but not the Parish Priest or assistant who are both neocatechumens - terrible
You can see us all it you go to google and search Church Mouse Redfern
If you want any further info I am at