Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Contemporary Issues

Hey! Wow! What a great retreat! After that whole debate thing with Christopher Hitchens, I really needed a couple of days to regroup and get my head screwed back on. Let me tell you! Maggie Valley was all abuzz with the various things going on. Sister Fairah did a great free-form Liturgical Dance at the Monday Night bread-breaking. And afterwards we had a long discussion about some contemporary issues, notably discussing gays, abortion, gay men, gay women, lesbians, homosexuals, sex, gays, gay people, transgendered people and their sex, abortion, gays, homosexuals, Idi Amin, gays, Ann Coulter, Nikki Giovanni, homosexuals, gays, sex, sex change operations, Madonna, Al Gore's underwear, Nikki Giovanni's codpiece, Richard Dawkins, Nancy Pelosi, and more.

I can't wait to discuss these topics with that new professor dude that's hanging around the old exploded rectory. But for now, if you need me, I'll be in the hot tub.

Also, as of this post, this 'blog is now rated...

Online Dating

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H Robert Williams said...

Now that's more like it! LOL! Of course we always must be careful to use gender and sex in their correct forms. For example gender reassignment rather than sex change.

H Robert

Anonymous said...

LOL. Almost spit my coffee on this one.

Personally, I would rate "Spirit of V2" an L.
L = Love this blog!

Hidden One said...

Oh no! Your rating EXCLUDES under 17 year olds!

RobK said...

LOL. That's one way to do it! Can you get to NC-17???