Tuesday, June 19, 2007

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Since my last post is now on a "previous post" page, which NEVER get looked at, I wanted to let everyone who commented know that I LOVE all the suggestions, and I'm drafting a set of criteria for good and (separately) bad Catholic colleges. However, the research is taking a little while. Please keep adding ideas, if you have any. Use the combox. Thanks. I especially need names of other GOOD CATHOLIC SPIRITED colleges.


Father Tim said...


You should definately leave University of Dallas off of your good list. From what I hear, Xavier in Cincinnati is a really great school where they have a multiculturalism and faith diversity that is a joy to behold.

mi comrade said...

Some IL colleges that might meet SOV2 standards:

Benedictine University (no religious studies major)
Lews University
Loyola (though it's already been mentioned. However, it is worth noting there is also a seminary. I don't think they take womyn, though...)

St. Mary's, across from Notre Dame, is a very pro-womyn campus, too. There are some myn on campus from ND taking classes, though. The college seems safe from the forces at ND that would bother SOV2ers, though. Well, there's an anti-choice group, but you might be able to ignore it...

swissmiss said...

Am certain you are well acquainted with St. Kate's. All womyn are. For the guys (and womyn, too), check out Gonzaga U. Their slogan is:
Our Humanistic, Catholic, Jesuit Tradition. Develop your total self.
Don't let the slogan fool you into thinking they are all papists and such. They are a great school. There are many others out there. Maybe all you guys can pick one "good" school and hang there. Leave the bad schools for the rest of us to enjoy.

swissmiss said...

Just looked at your prior post of "good" colleges. Yep, Seattle U should be on your list. It's kind of small, so you're bound to find lots of frynds.