Saturday, June 2, 2007


That's, right people....all the people you trusted to lead you have jumped ship. I realize NONE of you ever wanted to listen to me, but I'm still here, and I'm connecting via WI-FI. I'm actually on the campus grounds, and thanking God right now for my law enforcement training. Who knew it would ever come in handy?

The group that is making a pretense at "security" is actually none other than Posse Comitatus, a left-wing citizen's illgal militia. They hide in spider holes, train at paint-ball ranges when they are not in commercial use, they raise their children to wear combat boots and camoflage, and their hue and cry is, "I will not give up my Constitutional Rights!"

This group took their name from a legitimate type of defense back in Victorian Europe, however, in the United States the original intention has gone awry, and they were actually investigated by the FBI in the 1980's and 1990's for suspicion of terrorist activities.

They are now known as no other than THE BROTHERS OF LOVE. And I have the documentation to prove it! This information has been transmitted to the ATF and the FBI, CIA, and the Homeland Security Office.

PLEASE BE ADVISED! This group, while pretending to work for your rights and your freedom, are HOLDING YOU ALL HOSTAGE TO THEIR AGENDA AND YOU'RE ALLOWING THEM TO DO SO!

My people, fight back! Get off your apathetic peace-loving butts, find your spines, and if you want to keep your precious faith community, kick these guys off the campus!

I know where Che' is, by the way. But due to the danger of his position, I am unable to give you his coordinates, nor can I give you my own.

I realize that you never trusted me before, so I pray that my presence here, in spite of the danger to myself, is sufficient enough to help you realize that I am on your side, even though your theology is illogical and mislead. I have been sent here to help you, but the Archbishop had NO IDEA you'd be taken over by terrorists representing themselves as anti-liturgy police.


Fr Curt Kane said...

We are on your trail, Ms Adoro. I am even at this moment holding in my hands a brochure of the Novena to Divine Mercy, which I believe you will find slipped out of your copy of Shorter Christian Prayer during Liturgy of the Hours this morning. It is only a matter of time before we locate you.

Adoro te Devote said...

"Father" Kane, if that's even your real name (It isn't the FBI informs me), you don't even know what's coming next. I have had extensive training both in raids and in hostage negotiation, thanks to my college experience in working in a mental health facility with adolescents.

Not only do I have more experience and training than you, I wrote the manual you comandeered. Check page'll find some interesting commentary I offered on this very situation.

The thing is, I held back when I wrote it; it's never good to give away ALL the secrets!

You will not capture me, rather, you are about to find yourselves surrounded.

I know tricks and secrets of this land you have commandeered you cannnot even FATHOM.

Oh, by the way, your alleged "triangulations" will find you only a mother racoon and her young. Watch out! That 'coon has teeth!

Mary Therese said...

Fr Kane - what's your opinion about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?