Saturday, June 9, 2007

Why say Father Tim and not just Tim or Something

Hey Peoples, Why are so many of you giving father tim grief over being called father. You sound like a bunch of fundies. I mean aren't we all a bit over this? You know when i dropped out of UT after my freshman year to devote myself to poetry and stuff i was pretty unsuccessful until I met Father Tim down in the old city at Planet Earth which as you know isn't there anymore but shows you how long its been and you know i didn't even think he was a priest he was so cool. Because right away he bought me a beer and I wasn't even 19 and he helped sneak me in. And he's been awesome to me and introduced me to all the great thinkers like Andrew Greeley, Harry Belafonte, Hugo Chavez and Nikki Giovanni. So Father Tim is like my own Mother and Father combined and you should think of him as like the big parent whose looking out for all us other peoples because he's really smart and has it figured out.

I mean if he was a woman I'd call him Mother Tim wouldn't I? Wouldn't you? So to all you people who keep on rassing him you know get off your horses and stuff because I'm not sure you have that SOV spirit which tells you that people like Father Tim are ALWAYS RIGHT and you should just do what they say all the time because if your not careful and stop being church you might end up going to latin mass and voting for people like Cheney who is half-alien and then you'll just be part of the machine.

So say it loud with me I'm not afraid to say FATHER TIM YOU ARE AWESOME!



Luv Ya'! said...


I'll say it again, the whole 'father' thing is so not SOV2 - so stop being a poser, Che. When you cop to that who patriarc thing you show what a ridged pre-V2 zombie you really are. So if 'father' tells you to wear one of those doilies on your head in the Worship Space, are you going to do that too???

I luv ya', Che, really, but stop being such a poser - it's time to grow beyond that sick, twisted little narrow pre-V2 way that you think. Besides, 'Fr.' Tim is more like our Great Mother...that's a better name for him, Great Mother Tim.

Luv ya' all!

Che' Lovell said...

Hey is that you Todd? Because if it is you I'm really mad. But if it's Britnee or Taheetee than I'm not so mad. But if it's Keith than I'm extra mad.

But yeah. Father Tim is kind of like our Mother kind of like the god-spirit gathering all the chickens.


Father Tim said...

Thanks, Che! You're the best!

-Fr. Tim

Luv ya'! said...

'Fr.' Tim,

It would set a really good, anti-preV2 example if you drop the whole oppresive, womyn-hating 'fr.' thing. Great Mother Tim really fits you, don't you think??
Luv ya' all!

Anonymous said...

Its not me. I would never get all down on your case. You and Britnee and I...we get each other.

Che' Lovell said...

I know Taheetee YOU ARE AWESOME and so is Britnee. You should have your Body Thetan count check. I bet you don't have more than 5 or 10 tops!

Bartholomew said...

I like "Padre" Tim, or maybe "Maharishi" Tim. Hey, I just saw Pirates of the Caribbean II!!! How about Captain Tim!!!

Wasn't the guy with the tentacles cool?

Che' Lovell said...

Right on Bartholomew, except maybe that Padre thing because I think that sounds too much like a baseball team or something.


NAT! said...

Yo, am I the only one that's gettin' nervous around here that, in the midst of all this important discussion, no one has reminded us that "we're all sinners"?

Cuz if I'm not reminded several times a day that "we're all sinners", I start to get judgemental. And being "judgemental" makes me feel yucky inside, and, well, isn't yuckiness a sin? And isn't that what we all are? I need some direction here.

Yo Che, could you just tell me "we're all sinners"? It would make me feel better.