Saturday, June 2, 2007


being held at EWT


Todd Turk said...

Sister Fairah - what is EWT and why are you stuck there? You've got to get dispensation from the sisters and get down here to SOV2 to help! The faith community has been taken over by a very bad man who won't let us make a joyful noise! Tell me where you are and I'll send Eugene to pick you up!


Anonymous said...

This is QUITE INTERESTING. Much of what Sr. Fairah has been babbling about now is making sense.

Let me introduce myself: I am a QUITE ORTHODOX Franciscan Sister at EWTN. I go by the pseudonym SimplySisterMary. Sr. Fairah borrowed my computer for a few minutes this morning and made the above post. She saw me coming, and hit Post, but didn't log out, so I was able to find your ... I don’t quite know what to call this place. It certainly is NOT a parish! I suppose it's safe to call it a faith community, depending on your definition of “faith.”

First, let us set things straight. Sr. is NOT being held against her will. She simply refuses to leave until we return her heretical pamphlets. But there is a slight problem: all the pamphlets were fodder for our pot-bellied stove this morning. But since she’s demanding her bags back, full as when she entered, we will oblige her. However, let’s say she will get something in return, much better than the garbage she brought with her. She will soon be returning to you with books of TRUTH. I hope you will read them.

Todd, send Eugene to 5817 Old Leeds Rd, Irondale, Al, where she can collect Sr. Fairah and her suitcases. Or you can simply fax us a bus ticket and we will send Sr. on her merry way, her bags bulging with REAL literature.

I want everyone at this “place” to know you will now be in the particular prayers, by name, of hundreds, no, thousands of faithful, praying ORTHODOX Catholics. You are done! God, in His time and in His way, will see to the un-doing of your community.

And PLEASE, read the books that will be coming your way, thanks to Sr. Fairah. Mother Angelica has more wisdom in one paragraph than was in the entire suitcase of Sr. Fairah’s.

God bless you all.

Simply Sister Mary