Monday, June 11, 2007

How you can reduce your carbon footprint

Peoples of SOV2. I just wanted to tell you that you are not helpless in your fight against Carbon Dioxide. I mean just because Big Tobacco and Big Oil and Big Nuclear Power want you to think there's nothing you can do they are all LYING.

There are these things called carbon offsets that you can buy that will actually REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF CO2! But even more awesome I want to tell you about one of these carbon offsets which I am getting. It's called SPIRIT OF VATICAN 2 TREES. Me and Keith came up with the idea and I'll tell you how they work. What you do is send us a check for $2,000 and we will either send you your very own SOV2 tree seed pod or we'll plant one for you in the spirit maze/contemplation labyrinth (depends on if you live too far away for us to hand it to you at the faith community assembly).
The way these work is that plants breathe in CO2 and release out Oxygen. Really! Anyway one of these little trees can grow a whole lot. My own SOV2 tree has already spread out across nearly half an acre this spring. And the other neat thing is that they are really leafy and stuff. So send us your check and we'll help you become a Carbon Sink not a carbon source.


Father Kyle said...

So are you going to make the EarthSpirit Rising conference?

I'm really looking forward to StarFire speaking! (RETCH)

Anonymous said...

Che--you can all be like Fr. Tim, and have your own pilgrimage! That's so rad.

Have you heard from Britnee? Its been forever!
-Taheetee Moonbeam

Che' Lovell said...

Thanks Father Kyle for clueing me in on this AWESOME opportunity. But ever since I kind of lost it a couple weeks ago Father Tim won't let me go anywhere. I mean, he's afraid I'll start talking to Father Juno again and the next thing you know I might start reading the Cataclysm or something like that. If anyone does get to go please please please please (10X) give me a rundown on what Starhawk said. (PLEASE!)

Oh and Taheetee I haven't heard from Britnee for a while but I'm sure she's still AWESOME and COOL. If you see her tell her I have her hemp jacket from our FREE THE CHICKEN sit-in at Calhoun's on the River.


Father Tim said...

Super neat post, Ché! I was wondering what that leafy stuff was covering the exploded rectory. It looks really cool, like Gaia was taking back all of the buildings of man, or something like that.

By the way, I forgot to tell you earlier about the "Excise Tithe." We're going to have to have 45% of your earnings from the SOV2 Tree Sale.

-Fr. Tim

Todd Turk said...

CHE! Did you know that your damn kudzu grew up and over the top of the peace bell? The whole pagoda is covered with it! The peace bell is the only musical instrument that Fr. Kane didn't steal. How am I supposed to commemorate the Solstice of Hiroshima without the peace bell? You and Keith better get that kudzu off of the bell before I give you something to think about!

Che' Lovell said...

Todd, I am mad at you because i think you are actually Luv Ya in disguise and you called me a poser for the second time and you don't care at all about the ecosystem or our fellow animal peoples but probably EAT THEM and weare their skin for clothes and stuff so I don't think I have to listen to you and anyway I would appreciate it if you call them SOV2 trees and NOT KUDZU because how much KUDZU do you think we can sell for $2,000?