Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Great Idea!

Hey! One of the people "commenting" on this 'blog mentioned a name I hadn't heard of... Ron Paul! I went and did some research (well, Maryann really did the research), and it turns out this Ron Paul guy is really neat, and is running to be the next president! To be honest, I was really up in the air about who to vote for. There are so many good choices. I was really thinking of voting for Rudy, but he's so into war and crime and whatnot. Also, Hillary is very pro-war. But Ron Paul is pro-peace, pro-choice, and really attractive. The only down side is that he is a Republican, but I think that he's kind of like John Mccain - you know, just pretending to be Republican. One thing I'm not sure about is whether he has a preferential option for the poor, and it's not real clear if he really, really loves the environment.


Bret Moore said...

He is pro-environment because he wants to end corporate subsidies for big oil, which is a huge part of the problem. He's the best option for the poor out there, because he alone appreciates how government inflation destroys middle-class and poor families especially. Glad to see you investigating, spread the word to your friends and family!

Duane Johnson said...

I love the graphics! I'm trying to spread the word too, because I don't think the media is doing him any favors--he seems to get sidelined in discussions and even ignored in polls. The good news is, he's gaining ground! The numbers show that his support trippled in New Hampshire in two months (ok, so that's only 3%, but his campaign just started!) :)

DOWN with the inflation tax! Bring our troops HOME! Go Ron Paul!


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Che' Lovell said...



keith said...

Che! Dude! Ron Paul is a Libertarian! That means he wants smoking pot to be legal man! That's what the Libertarians are all about. Check it out!

Che' Lovell said...

Hey Keith!

I don't think I like this Ru Paul person even if he is not a republican because he says stuff like "Government should be there to protect property, not to divvy it up" That's just STUPID.

What is government for? I mean do we want these stupid rich kids to just sit around and play polo hitting horses with whippy things all the time and drinking that stuff they drink that they put olives in and stuff? NO!

If I were president the first thing I would do is take all the property of everybody and then let everybody rent it back because PRIVATE PROPERTY IS THEFT! I mean that's what the story about all the people in the room upstairs tell us about.

Oh Yah! I haven't sold any SOV2 trees yet do you think $2,000 is too high because maybe we could make it $1,000 or something?


Winnipeg Catholic said...

What are you talking about? Ron Paul is pro-life! And not just anti-abortion like a lot of you traddies, but anti-euthanasia, anti-death penalty, and anti-Iraq-war (just like JPII), and anti-Carter doctrine!

Now why do you call Ron Paul pro-choice?

KaleJ said...

I was wondering the same thing.

He isn't exactly the liberals best buddy. He is NOT against the war because he wants peace at the expense of freedom. But rather because he believes in the sovereignty of a nation. That and our military presence in the middle east is great for the terrorist recruiters.

Oh and he is for protecting OUR borders too.

He is very pro-life as that is part of the our guaranteed freedoms as bestowed by our Creator.

Winnipeg Catholic said...

Thanks kalej. Why don't they answer?

I know some conservatives will settle for nothing less that an anti-abortion constitutioanl amendment at the federal level and Ron Paul is merely for overturning Roe-v-Wade and returning the matter to the states.

They are just secretly pro-war so accuse a pro-life christian of being pro-choice. I think that's pretty unethical but I guess the right wing traddies don't see it that way. The war is too important to them. Not important enough that they'll leave home to defend the iraqi catholic enclaves, but important enough to send other people to.

Che' Lovell said...

Well, I warned Father Tim about this guy your so big on and the fact is he is just another neocon from Dick Cheney's necon martian farm! So don't expect him to get any love around here! Definitely not a SOV2 type person we would be interested in. Probably WORSE THAN GUILIANI

DeMaistre said...

winnipeg catholic is sooo right. A constitutional amendment outlawing abortion would not be church. Didn't VII teach us not to impose our morality upon others? Do you know how much global warming we would cause if we made abortion illegal? What are a few clumps of cell jelly when compared to the earth?

You know if those radtrads in Italy stopped preaching morality all the time, it would be much easier to convince more people to be church with us. What happened to the good ol' days when the Catholic Church in America was the religious wing of the Democratic party? Thank gaia great manfathers like Cardinal Mahoney haven't forgotten. Can you imagine if we were stuck with a bunch of Cardinal Dulles or Archbishop Chaput clones?

Winnipeg Catholic said...

I didn't say I opposed a constitutional amendment. I said Ron Paul is pro-life.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is prolife. . .

See http://catholicsforronpaul.blogspot.com/