Sunday, June 10, 2007

Homily, Sunday June 10

You know, this is one of my favorite feast days. Corpus Christi. I mean, first we have a feast day for the chair of St. peter, and then we have a feast day for a town in Texas. You've gotta love this church! But seriously, today is a very special day, because it's the day that we celebrate that we are all the body of the church. That's what Corpus Christi means! it means you, me, everybody... we're all priests. There was something in one of the readings about Mel Keezadeck, who was the first priest. We're all called to be like him (if it was a him - there's a whole school of thought that says that Mel was short for Melissa, and that the patriarchs of the early church pretended that Mel was a boy's name).

But that's not what I really want to talk about today. Instead, I want to talk about Vatican II. How many of you remember the movie Breakin'? Not many, I see. And that's not a surprise. Breakin', like Vatican I, was not a very good movie. But the important thing was that Breakin' was just good enough so that there was a sequel - Breakin' II, Electric Boogaloo. And that is what Vatican II for me. It's the sequel to Vatican I, but a sequel that was so good that everybody forgot about the original. Which was good, because Vatican I, just like Breakin', just wasn't all that cool. There was some stuff in it about the Pope, and some other things, but frankly, nobody knows what it was about. Just like Breakin'. But Vatican II - well... we all know what that was about! It was about "opening wide the doors," airing things out, doing a spring cleaning. Over the course of a couple of thousand years, all sorts of crazy things were going on in the church. And what did that mean? It meant that we were so busy going to church that we didn't have time to be church! We didn't have time to be eucharist! But, just like in Breakin' II, things got shaken up - no one expected Ozone and Turbo to come out on top - there were evil developers trying to take over their community center. Remind you of anything? It reminds me of the evil "developers" trying to take over our faith community! And we need to hang in there, just like Ozone and Turbo did, and we'll come out on top!

Finally, I'd like to touch on a more theological concept. But I won't. Ha ha! Have a super Sunday everybody!


Sr.Fairah said...

Woah, you missed the two best things about today:
1) The liturgy actually calls for sequins! I hope by next year we can have a banner made of them which says, "We are the body of Christ!" Now, don't misunderstand me: the new banners are RAD! But if sequins are called for, we'd better do it!
2) There is a song, apparently populare in more ... constrained ... places by the name of "Tantrum Ego." It just SOUNDS like it belongs at SOV2! Anyone know where I can get a copy to give to Todd?

Luv Ya'! said...

Sr. Fairah,

I think Oregon Press sells it. Hope that helps.

Luv ya'!

Anonymous said...

As church, we should really take the reigns here and start Vatican III. Everyone can bring their own biodegradable banner to discuss. Our problem, as church, is that we've been WAAAAY to quiet. Its time the heirarchy heard from us.
Vat III could be the best sequel yet... Do ya hear me?

Father Tim said...

Sister Fairah - I can't wait to see the Sequin banner! Also, no thanks to Luv ya' who sent us on a wild goose chase with Oregon Press, Todd now has a copy of the song, but he can't figure it out since it's in a funny language and has all sorts of weird musical notations that he hasn't seen before. And you mispelled it - it's really "Tantum Ergo". Frankly I don't think it's our kind of song.

Anonymous - that's the thing about Breakin' II, it was so good, that there can never be a Breakin' III. It's the same with Vatican II - I mean, it really opened everything up! If there were a Vatican III, then the Neocaths would probably use it as an excuse to turn back the clock. The Norvus Orado mass has been established for all time as the one true mass, because it can be anything you want it to be!

-Fr. Tim

Sr.Fairah said...

I was told it was Tantrum Ego, not Tantum Ergo. Man, one little letter in the wrong place changed the whole meaning. I'm NOT interested in that antiquated foriegn tune from my childhood ... I'm not feeling too good whenever I think of anything related to those days. Todd, BURN IT!