Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What's with the new guy?

I was out in the spirit garden planting more SOV2 trees when all of a sudden I hear this scream and this guy jumps down on me and starts wrestling me. But I'm not too upset because I think it's probably Todd or something because Todd's kind of mad because of the peace bell thing with all the SOV2 trees and the fact that I borrowed the money from the collection to buy a big screen TV for the Fidel room for our team meetings (Erin Brokovich is AWESOME when the screen is 48"!) which was supposed to get new instruments for his ministry. But why they need anything more than some garbage cans and sticks and a couple of pots I don't know because their always just LOUD.

But it wasn't Todd it was this new guy Tom or Thomas or whatever and he was really just going nuts or something because I had apparently shown him the Soul of my Shoe at our pastoral council meeting. And if Adoro hadn't happened to be walking by and pulled him off me I think he may have actually done something worse or something.

Anyway Father Tim could you talk to him because its bad enough worrying about what Todd's going to do and now I have to look out for this guy.



Che' Lovell said...

Oh Yah! The thing about the soul of my shoe is I meant the sole of my shoe and since we always sit indian style on the floor in a circle at PC meatings how can I not show it? Some peoples have such thin skin that they just get offended all the time! It's like they think everybody's laughing at them behind their back or something.

I'm glad I'm not like that because generally if I think someone is laughing at me behind my back they really are... like Todd and Luv Ya and people who I know are doing it all the time.


Winnipeg Catholic said...

Commonweal published an article on homosexuality.

What are yuor thoughts?

Che' Lovell said...

Hey Winnie! That was what I was thinking too! I tried to beat him off with a copy of Commonweal but he was way too strong! I think Adoro hit him over the head a couple times with some magazine she always reads called First Things and that seemed to stun him a little.


Che' Lovell said...

Hey Father Tim, the new guy is probably one of those radical traditionalist guys that keep coming here because he's trying to make Mizz Peeznik put one of those things they wear on her head except this is even bigger than normal.

Can you talk to him about being church or something!


Luv Ya'! said...


I'm not laughing at you, Che', you know I luv ya' lots, really. I just keep hoping that if I keep saying stuff you will stop being so insensitive and stop being such a hater.
Maybe that's why that guy attacked you, he saw you for the hater that you are. Really Che', "all you need is luv" - isn't that what Jesus said??? "Luv luv luv, luv is all you need!" So luv more, stop hating, and you will never be attacked again!

Luv ya'

Che' Lovell said...

Luv Ya, you're probably right but are you sure your not Todd? I mean, you sound like Todd only a lot nicer. But I am not a "hater" because if you've seen I don't hate anyone except republicans and I'm pretty sure we're supposed to hate them because they're all about stealing money from poor people and giving it to fat oil companies and Halliburton and blowing up aspirin factories and things.

And I thought Jesus said "Don't you know that its a fool who plays it cool by making his world a little colder" or something like that