Sunday, June 17, 2007

Equality in Scripture and Study

In my recent travels, I was ASTONISHED to find there are still faith communities that use an anti-womyn translation of the bible. So, as spiritual advisor, I think it’s only appropriate I let everyone know there is the most awesome translation of the bible: It’s all about equality. I hope EVERYONE at SOV2 will order a copy. The priest who translated it (Priests for Equity) seem pretty cool too. Fr. Tim, maybe you could get one of them to be your assistant?

And an unrelated topic: We, like every community, lately had a group of seniors graduate from high school. As spiritual advisor, I was asked more than once to suggest a GOOD Catholic College. Well, I’ve had a hard time knowing what to say. There are some Catholic colleges that are Catholic in name only, and don’t really have the SPIRIT of the body of Christ. Stubville (in Ohio, I think) and some College in Florida with a Latin Name (I tend to block out all things Latin) being the most notable. I know of a few REALLY GOOD Catholic colleges, such as Loyola in Chicago, Notre Dame and Gonzaga. But other than those, I was at a loss. I’d really like input from the community: What would be some TRUE Spirited Catholic Colleges & Universities? What would we include as criteria? Please reply via the combox. Thanks for your help!


Rae said...

I really don't think that you should include Notre Dame on your approved list. For one thing, for three years now (I think), they've held an annual Eucharistic Procession and Benediction. For another, I found my faith at Notre Dame--and my blog is BANNED! ...Oh yes, and the campus church is extremely, beautifully ornate. You'd hate it... Residence halls are also segregated by gender, and there are "visiting hours." Technically, a student can still be expelled for having sex. (It's on the books!)

Among your criteria for universities and colleges that show true "Spirit of Vatican II," I suggest that you consider:

(1) the aesthetic quality of the campus chapel. (The uglier it is, the greater the "spirit.")

(2) the presence or absence of a university-recognized GLB organization

(3) performances of the "Vagina Monologues" (set a requisite number)

(4) proportion of Masses to non-Catholic religious services on campus

(5) Any rules regulating social interaction between genders

Anonymous said...

I think I can help! I'm from Massachusetts, a very forward-looking state! We have Boston College, which we affectionately call "Barely Catholic" and it has lots of cool Jesuits, who don't get hung up on things.


Anonymous said...

I really like your criteria. However, according to your own rules, Notre Dame fits 3 of the 5:

(2) the presence or absence of a university-recognized GLB organization

(3) performances of the "Vagina Monologues" (set a requisite number)

(4) proportion of Masses to non-Catholic religious services on campus (may not be proportional, but is very ecumenical)

Father Tim said...

Hey Sister, you forgot University of Dayton. Not only are they at the forefront of the effort to make Mary into the Coredemptrix (which is a step forward to recognizing the Mother-God), but also they're really into Tielhardism, and the whole place is run by Charles Curran's brother Daniel! It's like a dissident paradise!

-Fr. Tim

Rae said...

(2) Maybe I'm splitting hairs here, but that's a regulated administrative advisory board rather than a grass-roots "student life" element. I heard that it was formed mainly because the administration refused to recognize the student-run GLB social organization (big debate while I was there, in the 1990s), which led Princeton and/or U.S. News and World Report to describe Notre Dame as a "homophobic" campus...

(3) Performances of the Vagina Monologues are few, embattled, and currently relegated to the academic context. Under the president's direction, an alternative play called "Loyal Daughters" has been composed and performed... Is this really enough to qualify as "spirit"? If so, then you guys have very low standards!

(4) This is new! When I was there, they didn't do this AT ALL... Your Ecumenical Inreach officer must be pleased! However, there are still daily rosaries; daily opportunities for Eucharistic adoration; and a full battery of Masses at the Basilica and at all residence halls.

...In spite of evidence of decline, however, I think that Notre Dame should fail to meet any reasonable standard of "spirit"!

Besides, they've inaugerated the "Sullivan project," intended to increase discrimination against non-Catholics:

Joe said...

Boston College should definitely be on the list. After all, the Jesuits are getting ready to move over and take over buildings from St. John's Seminary, which the Archdioces is about to close. The Jesuits are much more open about the Spirit of Vatican II, after all and running things things how they want.

MI Comrade said...

Being from Michigan, maybe I can contribute a little of what I hear around.

There's a Jesuit college out in Detroit that might strike your fancy: University of Detroit Mercy. Jesuits, so what not to love? I've heard their website even links to Planned Parenthood!

There is also a Catholic school in Grand Rapids, Aquinas College, that might or might not strike your fancy. They've already been rather effective in exorcising male pronouns from campus services, no kneelers, a LGBTetc. club, College Democrats, a Women's Studies minor, and meat on Fridays of Lent! (Well, they DO toss some fried fish out for the silly ones who still practice such old and decrepid sillyness.) However, the theology department would probably never meet your standards, sister. The professors have some silly man-duh-tums (whatever it is) from the bishop dude. I think that means they teach pre-VII or something. I dunno...oh, and the school's, unfortunatly, not Jesuit; it's Dominican.

Oh, and Madonna University, I hear, is cathlofacist. Might want to avoid it. Unless "converting from within" is the preferred approach of a faith comunity member. Another college, this one in VA, though, for your members to avoid would be Christendom College. They're so anti-wymn that they CANCEL CLASSES on the day of that horrid anti-Choice march in DC! Horrible! Colleges like those sure make my blood boil!

Any Jesuit school, though is probably a safe bet for SOV2 members. Still, always check the website. Especially telling can be the "campus ministry" section of the website, as well as any "religious studies" department they may have. (Usually, the smaller the latter department is, the better your chances.)

Anyway, I hope that helps! May all your graduates find schools that help them live out what they have learned at SOV2!

May the feminine Divine be within us all!

Anonymous said...

St. Louis University:
1. Jesuit!!!
2. Recognized by the state to no longer be Catholic link
3. Lots of Muslim prayer opportunities

Against it:
In walking distance to the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis were all sorts of pompus liturgies go on, most recently a pontifical high Mass which was an ordination!
Employs the Husband of Hellen Hull Hitchcock the founder of the Adoremus society, see again with the latin!

how was I supposed to know Jesuit didn't mean Catholic? said...

Seattle University. Jesuit, Klingon chapel, LGBT-affirming, huge supporter of reproductive choice. You definitely won't find any offensive displays of POD there!

Campus Ministry even has weekly inter-denominational Cross Training!

DeMaistre said...

Another college to warn parents of is Thomas Aquinas College (

This den of Opus Dei cathofascists is as dangerous as those outposts in Stuebenville, Fort Royal and Naples.

Please people, stop buying pizza. The tradrads claim to have sold their shares but it is really a money laundering vehicle for the Knights Templar and their bastard Opus Dei children. It is pizza money that supports all these brownshirt colleges that need to be banned.

Rae said...

I agree that Loyola University Chicago (like most Jesuit schools) would delight you! Within the past few years they've diluted the curriculum to reflect "values" rather than subject areas, effectively eliminating any shadow of the Ratio Studiorum... And their campus ministry caters to a diversity of faiths.

After years at Notre Dame, my reaction to Loyola was to ask "How can this school call itself Catholic?" (Of course, I'm not terribly "spirited," so the lack of smells, bells, and standards really confused me.)