Thursday, June 14, 2007

About Dr. Al-fakkir

Hey! Well, I guess there was some sort of unfortunate incident involving Ché and our new Director of Ecumenical Outreach, Dr. Thomas Al-fakkir. I'm sorry to hear this, particularly as during the hullaballoo, one of Maryann's back-issues of Commonweal was damaged, and boy is she upset!

But I wanted to take a moment and say that you should all give a lot of free reign to Dr. Al-fakkir. He was kind enough to join us here at SOV2. Dr. Al-fakkir is very experienced in Ecumenical Outreach, and I'm sure that he can help us see the ways in which we can not only be church to one another, but also be eucharist to people who aren't even in our faith community! Think of it like an ever expanding circle of love. Sure there's going to be tension, but Dr. Al-fakkir can help us expand our love circle until it includes everyone! So cut him a little slack and remember that he has some new, exciting, and innovative ideas that he'll be trying out around SOV2.

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DeMaistre said...

My friend in the state planners office got the documents and blueprints Dr. Al-fakkir asked for. Could you please tell him he'll have to stop by and pick them up. Her car is in the shop and she will not be able to drive them down to Knoxville as he had hoped. There is no rush, however, since the next big race in Bristol isn't until August. He did say he was looking to "maximize exposure", didn't he? This must be some event he is planning.

Oh...I almost forgot. Fort Knox isn't in Knoxville, it's in Kentucky. She said it is doubtful she could get the plans to that even if it had been in Tennessee.