Friday, June 8, 2007

Another Banner

Hey! Emily Larson is cranking out the banners now! She did this one for Todd. She said she's working on a couple for Ché and Eugene next. Also, Emily can use some help, because after an hour cutting felt, her hands get tired and covered with Elmer's glue. Volunteers are needed for the banner construction. Anyone helping out Emily will get one hundred years' indigents (whatever that means - Maryann told me to say that!)


paramedicgirl said...

I'm not trying to give you any ideas, but that's about as ugly as the ones made of of burlap that I've seen at my Novus Ordo church. The only joyful noise you should hear would be the sound of thanksgiving to God as these atrocities are stripped from the altars and burned. That is, providing they have been blessed. Otherwise they could just go straight in the garbage, and wouldn't even need to be burned.

Che' Lovell said...

HEY! What do you have against banners? I mean what did a banner ever do to you. You should have seen all the Celebrate Womyn banners we had back before Todd stole them all. They were AWESOME.

But I know what you mean because these banners are all happy and we want angry banners to afflict the comfortable and stuff because banners are supposed to be about FREE GITMO and KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OUR GLOBE and END CARBON NOW and stuff like that.

But Emilee is awesome and she works really hard on these banners. I mean didn't you hear Father Tim? Her hands hurt and I know because I used scissors like those before and they're too small and don't cut felt all that well.

So what you need is to start whispering and be church. You wouldn't happen to be a rich kid who eats a lot of hamburgers and hits horses with whippy things would you? Would you be interested in discussing Scientology?


swissmiss said...

Anyone helping out Emily will get one hundred years' indigents

I think you mean 100 years indigestion.

Anonymous said...


When we made our St. Martin Luther banners, our CCD classes used a glue gun - they work great with felt! Hope that helps, Luv ya'!!

Jeffrey Smith said...

Only sound they'd het out of me would be retching.

Father Tim said...

I'm really concerned about some of the negative vibes here. First of all, that burlap idea was super! I'll let Emily know about it. Also the glue-gun - that might be a big help, but we might want to call it something else, like "glue maker". This is Tennessee, after all, and no sooner would we start using a glue gun than a bunch of rednecks would show up thinking that we were a gun club or something. I tell you what, the hillbillies around here will just make you cry sometimes - what with their pickup trucks and hound dogs. Do you know how much it costs to feed a hound dog for a year? You could feed 5,000 families in Kosovo for what it takes to feed a hound dog.

Anonymous said...

You're not being church Fr. Tim. You're totally down on the rednecks. I'm disappointed in you. We should have Redneck Outreach!
-Taheetee Moonbeam