Friday, November 9, 2007

You are all banned forever!

This is my first command as Supreme Facilitator to you the people of SOV2 faith community.

I am only here to help you, not to boss you around or dictate to you policies. That is why your continued driveling and whining is really just getting in the way of fruitful dialog. I am sick to death over this. You people refuse to be helped which is why henceforwards I am the only one who is allowed to speak. You all must remain completely silent and still before me.

From my perch here on the kitchen counter between the pickled olives and the spice rack which includes fennel, tumeric, corriander, and cumin , I shall administer my facilitations with utmost compassion and equality regardless of where you are in your personal faith journeys. If you but meditate upon my words, you shall come to look upon me as a kind and loving disembodied sky spirit, a star which hovers above you and upon which you shall gaze eternally in wonder and delight and gratitude. In a way, you and I shall be one in that I incorporates in myself all the supreme goods of nurturing community and ...

... just a minute... Someone is knocking at the door... Keith! See who it is...


ignorant redneck said...


we kin do it! just putt thee bleach in hiz jar! My coon hound'll take kair of thee otter gais--hez 1/2 wolf 1/2 pitbull with some jake ruzzle terrorer in im.

Che' Lovell said...

Yo I.R.!

I had a dog like that when I was a kid. My mom and I were drving down I-40 and we saw it on the side of the road and we stopped and picked it up and put it in the car so it wouldn't get run over.

My dad wouldn't let me keep it because it was all dirty and smelly and pretty gross. My dad made us take it to the animal shelter.

I had forgotten about that.


Pilgrim said...

Hey, have you guys ever thought of locking The Brain and Ima Perile (who might, in fact, be the same person) in the SpiritMaze together? Sure would be fun to watch from a safe location.