Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hooray For Us!

Hey!  we've just surpassed 20,000 "hits" on this 'blog (in your face, Curt Jester!)

Anyway, as is our custom here, I am declaring a plenary indulgence for all SOViers to celebrate this momentous event. Hooray!

Let's put this in perspective! 20,000 is:
  • The number of people who voted for Ralph Nader for president
  • The number of Carbon Offset Tons purchased by the entire Gore family (per month)
  • The number of millimeters covered by Ed Begley's car after a 14 hour charge
  • The number of Marty Haugen's sons in the latest Breaking Bread
  • The number of womyn per second who are silenced by the Vatican
  • The number of Rights in the UN Declaration of Human Rights (my favorite is the Right to Quality Cheese)
  • Carl Sagan's SAT score
  • The number of Natyve Amerycans inhabiting our parking lot
Isn't that cool!  Hooray for us!  20,000 "hits"!

1 comment:

Nils Larssen said...

The People have sked me to thank your parish for it's kind gift of "tofu". Thay also asked me to inquire--what is it?