Saturday, November 3, 2007

Raw Foods Seminar

As part of syblyng Che's wonderful Get to Know Your Earth Friends program, I will be hosting a seminar on how to respect our plant syblyngs (and show sympathy & solidarity with our syblyngs who were burned at the stake, which is so important as I think the Reparations liturgy showed) by accepting their gifts of nutrition as close to the original form as possible. Raw foods are also an important part of reducing your carbon footprint. There will be a workshop on how to prepare non-burned meals, and I'm working on arranging a lecture by a celebrity raw foods enthusiast---syblyng Woody Harrelson! Che, did you ever meet him? Can you help with that? Everyone keep checking back, as there will be more news to come!


Anonymous said...

Sybling Madison says that we should "show sympathy & solidarity with our syblyngs who were burned at the stake".

Yes, but what about the poor stakes themselves? Everyone forgets them, but surely they must suffer even more than the human tied to them (who was probably an eater of dead flesh anyway).

We must not be so vitalistic.

Rae said...

Oh, I hope that the workshop does NOT include that unbaked vegetarian "meatloaf" featured on your community blog! Maybe I did something wrong, but it turned out just awful.

Still, I bet you sybs do a mean gazpacho! And hummus.

Rae said...

Good point about the stakes. That's deep.