Friday, November 9, 2007

Che' the Apostate

See the danger of an apostate? Look at all that has happened. Che' has become one of those frat boy jock hangeroners that we purged at Villanoce. The types who will be first against the wall when the revolution comes. Everyone is so distressed all because of this. Che's emanation of misogynistic chauvinistic waves has driven away most of the Gyno-americanos from SOV2. And look at what that has done to Sr. Fairah. And I'm sure it's also the reason behind the way H. Robert has been acting lately. H. has always been so steady and sure and reasonable. Now this. And don't even get me started on the absolute anguish it's caused Dr. Argot. Why I can't even get him to concentrate on the wonderful Chapel of the Americas that we were planning with the mural of Commandante Castro behind the main altar and side altars to Che Guevara and Hugo Chavez. I can't wait for Dym Tim to arrive and put him to lefts. I'd almost say we should turn to the methods of the Society of St. Leo I to deal with him. My wah is seriously disturbed.


Che' Lovell said...


This is all so bunk, becuase I'm like finally having fun with my new friends and stuff who really like me because I'm me and not because of the fact that they get to hang out at the rectory and have a big AWESOME party this weekend. AND I'm finally really hanging out with my dad and we're connecting and everything and all you people are still hanging on to me. So if you can't hang out with me and PARTY than I say to you that maybe YOU'VE got the problem, not me.

Anyway, I got to pick them up because we're going to start the PARTY right now!

And as far as H. Robert goes, he is just a stupid brain thing and what did he ever do for ME? I took care of him all that time and changed his water and got burger king for Keith who just bummed off me all the time. My dad is right because if you can't take care of yourself that's YOUR PROBLEM. So like whatever. So I don't care what happens to them anyway because they are TOTAL LOSERS!

And I am sick of Marty Haugen music... I am listening to Lynard Skynard now.

Cool Che'

Anonymous said...

Hey, Cool Che' --
I found a picture of your hero, after the authorities had put him to sleep for ever (sorta like what H Roberts would like to do to you now).

Take a look:
Click here.

ignorant redneck said...


Syb Bob said...

Che' is there no end to your depravity. How dare you speak against the sainted Haugen. If the DLA weren't busy planning Operation Turkey Freedom for next week I'd have them raid your party and bring you back so that we could talk sense to you. You need to rediscover yourself and your love of SOV2. Think of all you're turning your back on.