Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ongoing Investigation

I was at the restricted area at the Knox County Jail yesterday (where the federal agencies keep their arrestees), and there was one cell that I couldn't enter with my thumbprint. I'm pretty sure that it is where Miss Hill and Miss Rosie are being held. Now I just have to use my influence to find out which agency has detained them.

Agent Smith


Presbytera Abbie Surdia said...

We thank you for your ongoing efforts regarding Presbytera Hill and Presbytera Rosie. I sincerely hope the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal don't get a hold of them before we do.

L said...

Apparently the ICPO knows nothing of these agents who supposedly identified themselves as being from Interpol.

Quite mysterious... I need more ice cream.


Ima Perile said...

Oh NO! I don't know how we can protect Presbyteras Hill and Rosie if they've been exposed to the Sisters of the Renewal! We may have to seperate ourselfs from them to preserve the whole!

Please Agent Smith, please send a swat team to keep those sisters away from our dear Presbyteras!

Oh My! I havn't been this upset since Joan Baez came to my High School and didn't speak to me! Oh!
Those evil Franciscans of the Renewal, they could destroy everything we have Achieved.

I wish I had a Drink!