Saturday, November 17, 2007


A few days ago, I was asked by Miss Perile to investigate the disappearances of Miss Rosie and Miss Hill. I followed up and found where they are being held by a rogue agency. Now I come back with the papers drafted for their release and I find Miss Perile and Miss Moonsword picketing outside the jail. They are carrying signs telling that other agency to keep the ladies in custody--and protesting some "France-is-canned" group. I don't understand this--but have it your way--they will remain in the custody of that other agency.

Agent Smith

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Ima Perile, Episoposa said...

We must protect ouselves and others from the nefarious influance of those radical revisionistic Renewal Franciscans! If they have been contaminated by them in the course of these rather mysterious goings on, then for the protection of wimyn, and scoety as a whole they must be sequestered.

Perhaps they could be allowed to celebrated the sacredness of feminine community in jail by performing the Memorial of Bread and Wine in the Name of Mary Magdalyn, the Divine Wife of Gaia as Sophia?