Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Settle Down

Wow! Things are getting pretty intense here! I go to Nashville for the day to report to my superiors and I come back to find blackened carrots lying around and sticky globs of uncooked food stuck to all of the buildings and trees.

Che, I am coming up to the rectory with organic (cooked) pizza and some organic beers, so that we can talk about what's going on. Please open the door and let me come in.

IR: I talked to the game warden and asked her to let you go if you promised not to hunt that many deer at a time again, but she seems to think that I over-stepped my jurisdiction by asking for your release. I did get her to let you get out by Thursday, though.

L: I appreciate that paperwork that you e-mailed me this morning--my superiors weren't happy with the "guestimations" for the Syblings' birthdates.

I am also very unhappy with the FBI trying to muscle into my turf with their new facilities and high tech gadgetry. Agent Lambert, who is in charge of this project, has disliked me since I beat him in the inter-agency chili cookoff last year--this relocation is his way at getting back at me:

Agent Smith


Agent Smith said...

IR: I guess the judge already settled with you about the game-warden. She wasn't one of the Gorebertines, though. (Even though she did have a mustache)

Agent Smith

Che' Lovell said...

Hey Agent Smith! That would be awesome, but watch out for that GUY who I am not going to NAME but who is sneaking around in the bushes behind the rectory who stole all my The The CDs.


ignorant redneck said...

i guesss itx gud she warnt no gorebotterine, onna counna the juge sayd i culdna have my punt gonne back.

cousin erl gived me a g4 tho.

thancs agint smif

Syb Bob said...

$60 million for a new fascist ediface? Why we could have bought carbon offsets for all the poor in Tennessee with that amount of money. Or at least have gotten a good start on the St. Albert Gore Should Have Been Presidential Library.