Saturday, November 3, 2007

Paperwork Nightmare!

My superiors asked me to do some follow-up and create files for all of the new members of the SOV2 Community. I guess they didn't realize how much trouble that would turn out to be. None of the "Syblings" have any licenses or any kind of identification. Only one of them actually even has a birth certificate or social security number. Even the Amish have more paperwork than that! I don't know how they were brought up in today's society without any kind of identification. As far as the government is concerned, the Sybs are all illegal immigrants. I spent hours creating papers based on "guestimations" of when they were born.

Not only that, but when they came to my office, they had barnyard animals, feral cats and dogs, and even a rabid squirrel in tow. They left a huge mess all over my brand new office, and got rid of that new office smell. I have to look up maid services now in Knoxville, but the first one I called came out to look and fled immediately.

Agent Smith

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