Saturday, November 10, 2007

Good News & Bad News

Hey! Well I am really psyched to be back here at SOV2. The good news is that Hugo signed off on my departure from Venezuela, although I have promised to take a sabbatical there next year. I'm also really happy that the Gorebertine community is here. Welcome to Church!

But on my return, I'm afraid I have some bad news. My good friend Peevee Rajendajendan will not be the guest homilist tomorrow. I suppose this is sort of a mia culper. you see, I've just come from Ché's Apartment, and it seems that Peevee accidentally ate H Robert's brain. Somebody put H Robert's jar on the kitchen shelf, and Peevee naturally mistook it for pickled monkey brain, which, as he comes from a culture with its own particular ethos, is perfectly OK. Except that it wasn't a monkey brain at all, but H Roberts.

It may please some of you to know that Peevee said it was the most delicious brain he had ever eaten.

Needless to say, he feels just awful about it, so please be extra nice to him if you see him around tomorrow.

Bye for now! I'm off to see how things are going at the rectory.

Peace Out!


Rae said...

Little did H. Robert know that he'd leave this world, not with a shout, but with a whimper. (He really shouldn't have have sat next to the olives!!)

May he rest in peace. And since his demise has probably just averted WWIII, we certainly will...!

Just the same, we'll have to have an appropriate memorial service... I mean, we're a loving, forgiving community and all.

Syb Bob said...

While I am sad to see H. Robert is no longer with us I rejoice in the fact that he left us in a manner that was the epitome of enviornmental activism, he has become the perfectly recycled man.