Thursday, November 8, 2007

Leadership Committee

Syblyng H. Robert, I think that's a wonderful idea! Obviously I was mistaken to be worried about you. I think we both understand that with Syblyng Fairah's departure, this faith community lost its fymynyn center (I'm so sorry I never got to meet this syblyng).

But don't worry! I'm willing to make the sacrifice demanded to bring us all back to Gaia. I must say, I'm amazed at your accurate description of me. How did you know about my doctorate in Advanced Late 20th Century Lyric Rhyme, with an Emphasis on the prose of Joan Baez?? And my treatise Womyn in Film: An Exploration of how Barbara Stanwyck, Jane Fonda, and Adrienne Barbeau Helped Usher In the Aquarian Age, while well received, is sadly no longer in print! I'm very impressed.

I'm somewhat confused by "this person should be deprived of a body", as obviously I am corporeal....But anyway! I only regret that I will be away in St. Louis this Sunday....I will be participating in an amazing pan-Gaian confirmation of the Eternal Fymynyn, but when I return I will be entirely ready to lead the Spirit of Vatican 2 Faith Community into its future as a community of Gaia!


H Robert Williams said...


I will no longer tolerate this mockery. I am a tenured University Professor and it is my right to lead SOV2 into the future as I am the only one around here with consistent vision.

If you would read my book Prickly Topics you would clearly see my outline for the Church which is based on my idea of State Community whereby each is apportioned governing power according to its ability and administers it according to the need.

As one with superior insight and ability it is fitting that I be appointed to the role of Supreme Facilitator. I thereby suspend all activities and demand the Rectory be turned over to me. Che' and his moronic frat friends are hereby ordered to leave immediately under pain of death.

H. Robert Williams
Supreme Facilitator

Che' Lovell said...


Bring it on brain-man. I'd like to see you slime your way in here. What are you going to do, splash water on me or something? I mean you are just STUPID because you don't have any hands or anything.

Cool Che'

Ima Perile said...

Syblyng Madison,

It's obvious that you should not be in a leadership position, ANYWHERE!

You look to Syb Bob for his testosterone fueled approval, and havn't made it clear that H. Roberts Hypothalmus needs corrected! Your stand on Gaia and leadership is equivacable: you hav not denounced phallofascistic intrigue and oppression, you have not endorsed the Womblike Creativity of the Gynorevolutionary Militia of Ecorestitution--you have simply consumed an inordinate ammount of raw veggies.

Ima Perile,


H Robert Williams said...

Mz Perile,

Again, your pathetic drivel is indisputable proof that you have not emerged from the masculufascism ambient culture and are still mired in outmoded thought patterns of conflict brought about through Marxian dichotomy which simply reek of unenlightened war fetish. As such I have placed you along with Che under my fatwa that you must vacate SOV2 and its facilities under pain of death.

Syblyng Madison said...

Syblyng Ima,

It appears that you're correct!! I thought benevolent coaxing would be enough to bring our unenlightened syblyngs to realization. I did not truly understand how entrenched they are in their determination to rule us, their more equal syblyngs! I was foolish, and beg your forgiveness, and humbly ask to join you & your militant syblyngs!

H. Roberts, you shall not prevail! The Sisterhood will triumph, and we will recreate the golden age of Matriarchal Rule!

I am Womyn, hear me roar/
In numbers too big to ignore/

I am invincible!!

H Robert Williams said...

Ha! You think you can mock me with impunity? You too are now under fatwa interdict for being too masculine and war-mongering. I, as Sumpreme Facilitator, former University Professor and Servant of the Divine Feminine am the only one in a position to pronounce upon these pertinent issues and lead the community into the glorious future of total equanimity and diversity. As a disembodied intellect I am free from the concerns of worldly pleasures and have concentrated my entire being into service for the Gaia Earth Society.

The human body in all its forms is a corruption of the spirit which MUST be eradicated. It is my goal to expedite the process which shall soon be accomplished.

H. Robert Williams
Supreme Facilitator

ignorant redneck said...

Gee Whizzz! i hade know id thet H. robber wuz wonna them there minichean hairyticks!

Letsus put bleach in hiz jar!

he kaintn't hurt me onna counna i got no credit ur nothin an the mydyf..mydwiffe..uh lady thet heped my Mooma dinnt right no csertifikat!