Friday, November 2, 2007

Get to know your earth-friends month

Hey everybody!

This is a reminder that it's know your earthfriends month at SOV2. That means that its really time to get back to nature and learn how the rest of the animal kingdom copes with all the environmental damage we are doing. A lot of things are happening again so stay in touch with this web-site to keep up to date.

We are going to learn about how other animals stay warm without using fossil fuels. So we are going to practice natural bioinsulation. Basically we will be learning how to make clothing out of organic vegetable matter. It's cool because you don't even need to know how to sew or anything which a lot of you don't. Also how to make shelters and stuff.

We are also going to be learning first-aid care for animals that might be wounded. Maybe they were hit by an SUV or by a hunter or had there habitat destroyed by a dam or a nuclear plant.

The big thing is the march for Turkeys which is going to be on November 21st this year. Do you know how many Turkeys are killed each November? It's a lot. Also a lot of people get really fat at Thanksgiving because they eat weigh too much food and stuffing. Anyway, we are going to have a group from ALF come in and tell us what we can do to help stop this injustice.



ignorant redneck said...

Wit Gammers punt gonne i gotz mi a hole flock of torqueis this fall. i cowntened all mi finger 3 tyms and 5 firegs i time and three more!

Butt the gaim Warderen got me an kin u go my bale?

Anonymous said...

Che says "We are going to learn about how other animals stay warm without using fossil fuels."

Cool - wearing skins! Animal furs are going to be soooo trendy this winter!

ignorant redneck said...


since i cain'tn't rase bale, there is some beaver skins I leaved under sum fealt bannnerses by the table in the curch. U kin where thim. They is nice cawse they is brane tanned

Che' Lovell said...

Hey I.R.,

Me and Keith have been at the hospital because he ruptured a disc in his liturgical dance. If I can find the person taht collected the money this week I'll get over to the jail with it.