Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Banners from OCP

Hey! Well, the new banners are in from the Oregon Catholic Press. I knew there was going to be a Thanksgiving theme, but I'm blown away by how great these Liturgical Banners are. Aren't they great! And they look really professional. Best of all, we get a 25% discount on the banners because we agreed to send our ushers to the OCP's Usher Certification Program. I can't wait to get these hung up in the worship space.


B. Rose Carnahan said...

I like how the blood drippings analogize the sufferings of turkeys to that of Jesus on the cross. It's pretty neat.

By the way Father Tim, I'll be moving down to Knoxville after the semester here at the liberal arts college is done. I was a visiting professor of religious studies and creative nonfiction writing at an all-womyn school up here for a semester after the unpleasantness at the Vatican-controlled college. I'm getting ordained a transitional deacon next weekend (YAY!!)

Actually after I'm ordained but before I move I'm also performing a wedding on the Solstice back home in VT. I really had to ask around to find the text for a same-sex polyamorous ceremony and I ended up writing it myself. But I don't have to do the whole thing since there's also going to be a rabbi and a pagan priestess there.

Cathy_of_Alex said...