Monday, November 12, 2007

A note to Miss Perile and Miss Moonsword

After reviewing the surveillance from the other night, I'm afraid that I have found the cause of your friends' disappearances. Another agency is trying to muscle in on the SOV2 turf. They seem to have been detained on some made-up pretense. My superiors are angry about this because they were assured by all the other agencies that there wouldn't be any intrusion in this area. I will do everything in my power to obtain their release.

Agent Smith


Gaia Moonsword said...

Thank you so much Agent Smith!

Ima will return shortly, and I think we may well be able to begin a new era of cooperation!

In that spirit, Episcoposa Perile has asked tht I cooperate with you in any way, and frankly answer any questions you may have.

We're quite disturbed by the interagency rivalries, we find that they remind us of fraternities compeating for the attentions of Wimyn students, and suspect that the other agencies are without your refreshing candor.

L said...

I don't know what Interpol is investigating in Knoxville, but apparently it is so top secret even I don't have access to the data.

I hope my small interference does not trouble you. I independently investigate cases that personally interest me, and I find the SOV2 Community quite fascinating.