Monday, November 5, 2007

Factions are wrong!

Dear Friends,

I must say how shameful this has become and how childish you are all appearing. This has become most discouraging. The fact that the sheriff had to come by and break up the mob scene outside the rectory really shows the level to which this confrontation has escalated, or should I say become traditionalized.

Isn’t this precisely what the regressive element would wish to see happen at SOV2? A split into factions? What would Father Tim think if he could see you all squabbling away about which is more ecologically friendly and more respectful of the organic life-spirit?

The fact is we must recognize that not everyone has been fully incorporated into the spirit. There are gradations in all things. Each of us is on her or his own particular journey towards the oneness that is the life-spirit and divine feminine regardless of what you call it. Aren’t we all - excepting me of course – just getting a little too riled up over semantics. This reminds me of these battles we had at Villanoce College over whether biologically male transgendered females can or can not use the ladies room and participate in women’s dignity month festivities.

May I remind you that this community is about acceptance. And as repugnant as it is to some of us, the Bakers are still members of the community albeit not as spiritually advanced as the rest of us. If they are using the kitchen in the rectory to cook the cheese on their tofu pizzas, that is no reason to start throwing bricks and rocks through the windows!

But to you the bakers, I would urge you people who still employ the flame to just ease up a little and submit to the fact that the Gorebertine syblyngs have attained a little more enlightenment on this issue than you have. You have become lax in your stewardship. If you must cook please have the decency to do so in the privacy of your own homes and do not use SOV2 property.

H. Robert Williams


Che' Lovell said...


I am pretty mad because I wasn't even baking anything this morning and one of the wet food people threw a stick at me. I know who it was and I don't want that person coming to eco-church socials anymore.


H Robert Williams said...


You can't hide in the rectory forever. I urge you and the others to come out and dialog with us. Surely together, if we approach this in a spirit of diversity and inclusiveness, sharing our struggles, we can find a solution to this impasse.

Besides, Keith is hungry and would like you to bring him home a double whopper and some onion rings, a choclate milk shake, and a side sald.

H. Robert

ignorant redneck said...

H Robber, ifn thys cummunisty is bout aakseptince, howzzit iz still in jale?

Wyd i hafta lyv unner a bocks wile y'all got howses?

Howcum MaryAnnne hit me on counna my appalpachian life ways?

an howd u get all of granpappis fule in ur jug?

Ima Perile said...

I must say, that if you would simply live in accordance with Natural Law, in a matriarchal society instead of having all of this testosterone induced chicanery you wouldn't be the target of the sherriffs opressive, lawist attentions.

Ima Perile

Rae said...

How can we ever be "one Bread, one Body" if some of us are baked, and the rest of us are unbaked? (Plus, some of us are on the fence and therefore half-baked.) It's a theological mess! We must all return to the same loaf and be church again.

Che' Lovell said...

Hey Ima!

This is about ORGANIC stuff so there's no testesterone at all.

And I am not coming out of the rectory as long as that person is going to throw more sticks and stuff so Keith will have to go to Burker King for himself.


H Robert Williams said...

Che! Keith is in serious pain and needs more green leaf tea immediately - and frankly so do I.

You are behaving reprehensibly. Dare I say you are acting like a neocon who has no concern for the less fortunate in society? Think: what would Al Gore do in these situations? Would he sit around in his mansion microwaving pocorn and watching Mystic Pizza?

And I hate to tell you this but Julia Roberts said that she wants to be a stay at home mom.

Give up your illusions and get back to the apartment immediately with at least two or three baggies.

And Keith wants a twenty piece Chicken Nuggets.

H. Robert

Anonymous said...

Them are some serious "munchies," boy.