Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Great changes!

Hello all,

Yes, as "Syblyng" Bob noted, I have been away. I made a pilgrimage to Carthage, TN. I had to do so in order to petition St. Albert to release me from my vows. He graciously consented; and so I've left the Gorebertine Community.

I am now a WomanDeacon, the first step in becoming a WomanPriest. I and my systers are working from within to bring the Church out of the Dark Ages of misogyny, patriarchy, hierarchy, and eco-oligarchy. We will prevail!

In keeping with this, I have taken a new name. I will be known to Gaia-Mother as WomanDeacon Margaret Featherdancer. Margaret, of course, for Gynosaint Margaret Sanger; and Featherdancer as a gesture of solidarity with my indigenous systers.

Let the new day dawn, ending the night of Y-chromosome oppression!


B. Rose Carnahan said...

I'm starting to think that we might be oppressing ourselves by adding all of these Y's to "womyn" and "syblyng" and "pryst." At least that's how one of my teachers at my online seminary spells it.

Father Tim said...

Hey! Super news, WomynDeacyn Margaret Featherdancer! It's so great to be church with such progressive peoples.

ignorant redneck said...

Thay hadda feaqtherdancer down ta Bubbly nicks saloon fer a wile. Thin the police kame an tuk hir awaa. Shi wuz kool.

Ima Perile, Episoposa said...

Congratulations WomynDeacon Margaret!

Pehaps you would care to proclaim the statistics linking the oppression of womyn in regions where there are indicators of high levels of eco-devestation at our next litrugy of liberation and feminine solidarity? It'll be on Friday, in honor of Freya, the Old goddess of fertility that was obliterated from the conciousness of womyn by those patriarchal barbarians!

And, we have a sistyr who was a Feather Dancer in a local Temple of Aphrodite!