Thursday, November 22, 2007


Today is going to be great! All Federal agencies give the day off, so I can enjoy my meal and beer today. I was going to have a small quiet meal today, but when I got home last night I got a telephone call from Fr. Chad at the SSLI inviting me over for their Thanksgiving meal. Apparently, they have a new housekeeper/cook at their rectory who just immigrated to Knoxville from France (she belonged to a group called the SS-PX--for some reason the Traditional groups like to have names that can be abbreviated with letters), and he wanted to show me the improvements they have made to their rectory and the progress on their new Church.

To the Syblings and the DLA: I didn't do anything to those turkeys or communicate with the farmers. I think that turkeys do that by instinct--it is a way to show that they care about a person, by attacking them.

Che: don't worry about the green light and the instrument fluctuations. This is perfectly normal for the area. I knew an Air Force pilot who said that he knew exactly when to fly into the Bermuda Triangle to be able to see the other dimension when it appears.
You should listen to Nate, he knows what he is talking about (I met him the last time there was a conference from all the agencies)

Agent Smith

P.S. Guido McElhone--I cannot get in touch with the Erpenblechs, unfortunately they are now well out of US waters and so out of my jurisdiction.

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