Tuesday, November 6, 2007

In Gaia's Name, Peace!

Syblyng Che, Syblyng Joe didn't mean any harm throwing those rock syblyngs. Hy just wasn't hymsylf at the time; hy has problems like that occasionally. Hy was very close to a syblyng called Timothy Leary during the Golden Era, and it affects hym negatively sometimes. Hy thought they wanted a closer look at the rectory kitchen.

As for the wet foods....well, I can certainly find some drier recipes for you, if that would help. I know you don't really mean all those terribly hurtful things you said! I know you really realize that all syblyngs are indigenous and therefore victims of the Establishment!!

I beg you, please, please don't commit any acts of inter-syblyng violence you'll regret later! Have mercy on your carrot syblyngs!!!!!

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Che' Lovell said...


I am mainly mad at one person who writes stuff like "Mandate on Raw and Cooked Foods - Acceptable Practices for the Progressive Christian Community." I mean that person probably thinks this is all a big joke or something because that person I KNOW EATS ALL SORTS OF FOOD WHICH IS BAD.

I am also really mad because there are certain people who are always like "Che' is such a misochinist." I am NOT A MISOCHINIST!

I like womyn a whole lot more than some of these other people who I will not name who just want to see men doing all this liturgical dancing and stuff and say they are feminists and things.

Like I said to this person if you've got a problem with the PETA girls than you've got a problem with me.

I don't blame you gorebertines because I think that this person who I will not NAME because he is a BIG JERK and a LIAR and I AM SICK OF HIM but it would be wrong and not very church of me if I named HIM.