Thursday, November 22, 2007

Global Warming


Just to let everybody know that I'm okay. But there's this green fog everywhere around the yacht. Our motor has gone dead and there is like no wind and the water is all glowing and stuff and the compass doesn't work. I mean, I'm pretty lucky I can still blog!

Anyway, the Erpenblechs are really freaking out because they are really paranoid and are convinced that Nate who is my dad's golf buddy's contractor is really an FBI agent and they have been yelling at him a lot. I mean, I don't know why they are complaining because I pretty much tell Agent Smith evberything I know all the time because a lot of people I know are people he wants to send Christmas cards too and is just trying to stay in touch with.

Anyway, I've been telling Kerri that the green glow all around us is almost surely the Earth telling us we have been bad stewards and stuff and that we need to sacrifice something to Gaia to appease her destructive force or maybe buy carbon credits or something but my dad says that's stupid and that this kind of weather just happens in this region sometimes except the GPS is telling us we're in the Indian Ocean and not in the Atlantic.

I think we may also have accidentally gone through a WORM HOLE and are probably on Jupiter or something.

The cool thing is Kerri and I get to hang out a lot and play Gin Rummy which she is really good at. I think sometimes she let's me win.

Also, we are on page 5,234,211 of the Fountain Head. She was right it has made everything a lot clearer for me. I now realize that I'm like Howard Roark and everybody else is like the really stupid architects. It has to do with the Body Thetan thing. I was hoping the book was over so she could read my play the Bananas of Revenge which she promised she would do right after this book. I mean, I got the point and the book is still going and going. I think the characters talk way too much. When I write my book I won't have any dialog at all. It will all be monolog to make it more exciting.

Oh YAH! Can we have a astatue of a naked womyn representing the Divine Feminine Womyn Spirit? I know someone who can be the model. I think if your a womyn and you look like the Spirit of the Divine Womyn Feminine thing you shouldn't have to work as long as you are willing to model. Only I don't want one of those abstract things I want one that really looks like a womyn.

See Ya!


EegahInc said...

"Also, we are on page 5,234,211 of the Fountain Head."

Don't worry, Che. Chapter 2 is a little bit shorter.

Father Tim said...

Hey Ché, you can take the naked statue of Sharon Stone from the Rectory if you want.

-Dym Plarvik

Anonymous said...

Che, we don't exist to cooperate in your porno-fetish exploitation. Go buy a magazine or something!

Deaconness Jamie,
Gaian Harmonic Convergence

Che' Lovell said...

Hey Ms. Jamie!

You only say that because you are probably really ugly because all the cute girsl I know like the PETA girls and people are not embarassed by their bodies or anything.

The problem is you've got some sort of pre Vatican 2 hang up about sexuality and stuff. I bet you're actually a closet Ratzinger nut.


Still in green fog.