Sunday, November 25, 2007

Homily, Sunday, November 25

Hey! Well, I sure do love feast days. Thursday was super! We finally got the rectory cleaned up from Ché's party - just in time for the big Feast of the Oppression of Native Americans. We had a super time. Clyde was still there after doing the clean up so we let him stay for dinner. A big group of my friends from Maryknoll came down with a passel of Glenmary folks and some Marianists. It was a real "throw-down!" Then at the end of the evening, guess who showed up? That's right, my good friend Fr. Curt Kane. He wasn't able to stay long, but he was the life of the party while he was there.

Anyway, did you know that today is another feast day? Who out there can tell me what feast day it is? No... no that's not it.... no.... no... good guess, though!

OK - it's the Feast of the New Oregon Catholic Press Missalettes! That's right! After this service, the youth group will be replacing the 2007 Breaking Bread with the 2008 Breaking Bread. This is the summit of the liturgical year - the day when we get new misalettes. I've been told that the '08 OCP BB has 30% less traddie music in it, as well as a new mass setting for Clown Masses. I'm a little disappointed that the '08 BB doesn't have the Mime Mass, but there are several great new hymns, including 
  • "The Rainbow Connection," 
  • "If You're Happy & You Know It," 
  • "Wind Beneath My Wings," and finally 
  • "Someone Left the Cake Out in the Rain"

I know you're all as excited as I am! Happy Feast Day!


Nils Larssen said...

Dym Tim,

We will be reoccupying your parking lot on the second of december. Our legal counsel has determined that this does not require legal action, as your tenure on the land hasn't been long enough to even aquire squatters rights. Moreover, our Office of Environmental Preservation has determined that you have paved over an area that housed some of the last viable habitat of the Lesser Gilded-eared Appalachian Worm Bat. And, as we have reported to the appropriate authorites, neglected to obtain building permits, file an environmental impact statement or comply with any building code whatsoever.

Have a nice day.

Chief Nils Larsssen.

B. Rose Carnahan said...

I always found that cake in the rain song to be a moving metaphor for....oh, crap, my seitan cutlets are burning!

Cygnus said...

Durn that OCP. Not one song by Ray Repp, Jack Miffleton, or Tom (not Colonel) Parker in BB08. Now THOSE were some great liturgical tunes!

Dym Tim, if you don't have those songs, I bet Agent Smith knows how to acquire the rights. Or obtain them WITHOUT the rights. Just as long as the lyrics get projected on the wall! (Have you priced projector bulbs lately?)

ArchAngel's Advocate said...

What? No "Friends in Low Places?"