Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wimmin Unite!!

ENOUGH about the pseudo-feminist! There's a REAL ISSUE we need to deal with here, wimmin!

It seems the phallofascist "Archbishop" Burke has issued an oppressive reaction against the properly ordained Womanpriests in "his" diocese, and has ordered them before a tribunal to answer for their courageous, inclusive, life-affirming, Gaia-inspired stand against the misogynist patriarchy.

Now, while my sisters have (quite rightly) refused to dignify this attack by appearing, it's important to support all of us who have answered the call to ordination. So all left-thinking SOV2iets must write letters condemning this act of aggression against these peaceful servants of Gaia. Inundate the "Archbishop" of St Louis with your indignation at the medieval, repressive, wimmin-hating, global-warming-disbelieving hierarchy!

We will prevail!


Che' Lovell said...

Hey, it's me Che'.

Yah, I think it would probably be good to maybe have a womyn priest person around here. But make sure she's kind of cute and stuff.

Also how come one of the girl bishops doesn't just tell that other bishop person to shut up. I don't get it.


Syb Bob said...

That Burke guy really burns me up. We should impeach him.

Ima Perile said...

Once Again, the Goddess has Spoken Her Truth. Through Syb Madison Gaia, the Summit and Source of all Truth and Divinity sent forth her Cry fo the Heart.

And Once Again, those Crypto-Supporters of Anti-Life Phallocracy have perverted Her Message.

Syb Bob, you only hate "Abp" Burke because you envy the power he usurps, over Wymmyn. A power you crave, but cannot match. Che, of course, has never matured past a post pubescent facination that stems from being denied true nutrition and fed through a synthetic bottle.

Syb Madison, I'm am with you syster. I have just reterned from a retreat where the path forward was shown, and the way to freedom delinieated.

I ask you to join with us in the Gaian harmonic convergence, to end oppression of all nature throgh the Humano-Viral Plague Resistance.

If a Y chromosome deformation such as Sub-Syb Che can keep a brain in a jar alive, we can develop artificial wombs in which to incubate only Humans, (who do not have Y chromosoms!) and reduce the population by incubating only those eggs which are fertilized from and by the enlighted femine intellegences inhabiting the nodes of progress. by limiting the fruition to these, and only these, we can rid the Earth, who is our Mother, of those contaminated by the Humano-deformation virus that gave rise to the Y chromosom. Afterword, as we evolve toward the pure consciencness of Gaian Hormony we can discard our fleshly incarnation and dwell in the true enlightened Gnosis of pure Femnine love in the Luminous realm so sung by the prophetesses of old in the original speech of the wombl like nurturment of the growing heart.

And the Phallodaemonic creatures who oppress us will be no more, as humanity will be pure spirit over a free and natural landscape.

Ima Perile
Episcoposa, (Facilitator of the male Extinction Initiative)