Thursday, November 22, 2007

Feast of the Opression of Native Americans

Hey. Well, I hope you are all really proud of yourselves today. This is the day we "celebrate" how you stole all of the land from the native Americans and ate all of their turkeys, after they taught you how to grow corn by putting it in a fish. We are all on Indian Land. Think you can trust the government? Ask an indian! We belong to the earth, it doesn't belong to us. Free Leonard Piekoff!


Anonymous said...

Speaking of which,

Are you aware that your parking lot encroaches on Reservation land?

Our legal depart will be in contact soon.

Chief Robert Larssen,
Confederation of Appalachian Tribes.

Father Tim said...

Dear Chief,

I'm not too worried about encroachment claims. First of all, I am part Indian (Cherokee), so that makes SOV2 a sort of reservation as well. Secondly, we have retained the Cochran Law Firm in Atlanta, due to the many lawswuits from H Robert, and since we can't get insurance because of the bigots at the insurance company who object to our solidarity with the Trangendered Man-Boy Love Association. Finally, you will find that it is more lucrative to be church with us. I can't wait to introduce you to Dr Argot.

Dym "Blackhorse" Plarvik

(PS - are you related to Nils Larssen of Chupupqua, Minnesota?)

R. Larssen said...

No, I'm not related to Mr. Larssen of Minnesota. And, a search of tribal records shows that you are only 1/256th cherokee, and therefor not eligable for tribal recognition. Moreover, we also use the Cochran Law firm, I think you will find that the conflict of interest will result in you being un-represented.

Besides which, anyone who sides with the TMBLA, should understand that we are not after Money--we are after the Parking Lot.